Celebrities Who Love Playing at The Regular and Online Casinos: Read on To Know

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Let’s face it, nothing catches more attention than the private lives of celebrities. After all, they inspire millions of people globally and wear many hats. While not everyone is worth being followed, sometimes there are habits that leave the fans in awe of them. 

I mean, let’s get it straight, who wasn’t glued to the Depp Vs. Heard trial? Everyone was fascinated with how the case went. But more than sharing their weight loss journeys online, celebrities are also known for having lots of money. 

This is why we all like to see how they spend it in various forms. More than this, celebrities like to get free spins no deposit Australia so they can thrive. Below, we have outlined a list of the celebrities who are famous in the gambling world:

  • Ben Affleck

Apart from being an A-lister in Hollywood and known for exchanging rings with J Lo twice, he is known for his endless love for gambling. When he isn’t making blockbuster numbers in movies, he can be found somewhere around a land-based casino. 

According to recent reports, he has also joined plenty of online casinos. While this hasn’t been an easy ride for him after too much media scrutiny, he has managed to garner quite a strong reputation in this industry. He seems to enjoy his favorite game. According to rumors, he is a huge fan of blackjack and poker. 

  • Matt Damon

He is someone who famously mustered up the courage to explain his need to save. Whether in the Martian Movie or as a Private Ryna, his love for gambling surfaced in one of his early movies, Rounders. The 1998 movie surely looks like a high stake of gambling. And to prepare for this role to the fullest, he even jumped on the bandwagon to learn more about it. 

And it seems that he enjoyed the experience a lot. In 2011, it was found out that Damon was amongst the best Hollywood players of all time. He was also known for accompanying his best friend Ben Affleck to various casinos. 

  • James Wood

Another popular US actor who is known for not just his acting skills but also his love for cards is none other than James Wood. He is also known as a self-professed gambler. During the initial days of the casino, he came out as one of the pioneers of the “celebrity poker” title. 

He is also seen in various public spaces where casinos are celebrated. He is clearly not afraid of being public with his love for gambling. He was the first to endorse Hollywood poke. This is an online betting room that allows players to play with real money. And it gives players a chance to meet their favorite celebrities. 

  • Jennifer Tilly

Why should gambling be only reserved for males? It is equally shared with females. And Jennifer Tilly tops the list when females are discussed in the gambling world. She surely has taken the idea of online casinos to the next level. She loves to play her favorite games and has been popular for seven-figure winnings. 

She is a professional poker player due to her wit and intelligence. Tilly will rather be in the casinos if she’s not acting in films. Especially when the three reel slot games are concerned, she likes to divide her money between inland and online casinos. 

  • Brad Pitt

Yes, you heard that right! The heartthrob isn’t all about making blockbuster movies. He is also a well-known gambler. It was only at the time of Ocean’s 11 when he developed an interest in gambling. Apparently, he is a huge fan of blackjack and poker. 

According to him, the excitement lies in everything that makes you happy. An interesting fact is that he had no experience before Ocean 11. Then he started to pursue it as one of his leisure time pursuits. As of now, he has garnered quite a strong reputation in the gambling world. 

  • George Clooney

Wait what? George Clooney was the main lead of Ocean 11, 12, and 13, so how can you expect him not to be interested in gambling? Today, even if you casually search for Betsquare Australia you will somehow find George Clooney mentioned in one of the betting articles. 

He is a well-known celebrity casino gambler. If reports are to be believed, he has been gambling his entire life. This is why he has earned a lot of respect in this industry. The gambling games are close to his heart and give him a lot of good energy. 

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