Buy HP laptop on EMI

Buy HP laptop on EMI

Are you planning to purchase the latest HP laptop to increase productivity, level up in games, or binge-watch your favourite TV show on the weekend but have been putting it off due to a limited budget? While it is certain that the most recent HP laptops are fairly expensive, it is not ideal to let money determine our buy. It is definitely possible to obtain your ideal laptop without breaking the bank! You may now buy laptops on EMI using ZestMoney credit from the most reputable online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Digital, etc. without using a credit card or debit card. What are you waiting for, sign-up with ZestMoney, in order to activate your credit limit and purchase your favourite HP Laptop on zero per cent interest EMI, with zero down payments! With as quick and easy a process, you can customise the EMI plan that best fits your individual needs. 

So, why you should buy an laptop on EMI?

Easy on the wallet: Given the prices of HP laptops, purchasing the HP laptop online or from physical stores can leave a dent in your pocket. When you can enjoy the top-tier performance of the most recent model laptop while paying for it in convenient instalments with ZestMoney EMI, why pay in full?

The best now make affordable: Price tags frequently prevent people from buying laptops. Buying a Laptop on EMI means, we wouldn’t have to give up the best features and exceptional performance of the most recent HP laptop models as the instalments would still be well within our means.

Additional savings at 0% interest: When you choose a laptop on no-cost EMI, there are no additional fees or interest rates added to the EMI price, which also means that you earn interest on any funds you did not pay in full upfront.

So, go ahead! And grab your favourite  HP laptop on EMI using ZestMoney in 5 simple steps:

SignUp with ZestMoney 

It’s incredibly easy to apply for a ZestMoney credit limit. You just need to confirm your mobile number to proceed.

Set your credit limit to active

To activate your credit limit, first, finish filling out your profile, provide the necessary KYC documentation, and schedule your repayment.

Choose your favourite partner to purchase an HP laptop from.

Once you activate your credit limit, you can shop with any of ZestMoney’s partners to build your credit limit. You can purchase an HP laptop using your ZestMoney credit limit from Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Digital, or one of our 1,000+ merchant partners.

Customise and select the ideal EMI plan

Choose ZestMoney EMI as your preferred partner’s payment option; you can customise the EMI plan to suit your needs.

Congrats! your EMI has been authorised.

Without submission of any extra documents, your HP laptop purchase will be placed successfully and your EMI plan will be accepted. Partner will ship your order to you in accordance with their shipping guidelines.

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