Best vastu consultant in Kolkata the common attributes that come under factory vastu!

Best vastu consultant in Kolkata

In this ever-growing world of industrialization, the significance of seeking guidance from Best vastu consultant in Kolkata has immense importance. Making vastu perfect, harmonious design can help your business thrives like never before. 

We are all familiar with how the layout of a typical home looks like, but the same for an industrial unit is not something we can make right guess about. Today, Best vastu consultant in Kolkata presents a blog in this regard. 

Factory vastu correction can improvise your business drastically. So, make sure that its layout is made in compliance with the elements of vastu shastra. Depending upon the nature of business, the actual floor plan of the factory will get customized, but in general the following sections will be included in it. If you follow these guidelines then it will contribute to the overall prosperity and productivity of manufacturing units.

  • Placement of the Factory Building in the Right way:  

The factory compound occupies a huge land, that leaves lots of free space around main building. The extra space around should be used for parking, gardening, passages, and landscaping etc. Your main building should be placed in the right zone for maximum channelling of positive energy. Best vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends you to place the main building in the south west, or south east or south zones for best result. These orientations are considered auspicious in terms of brings profit and success for the business. 

While doing so, you should also take care of the fact that the west and south sides of the compound are not left vacant. These zones have good potential and hence must be used positively for industrial prosperity.

  • Office Placement Vastu for Factory:  

The administrative office of any factory act as its backbone based on which the entire business stands steadily. All the overseeing paperwork and monitoring of the entire operation is done from here only. In order to ensure good Vastu for the factory, you should position the office in either the West or South-West directions of the building. 

For added advantages, you should see that the workstation of the owner or top manager faces towards the North or East while working. 

  • Storage Houses Vastu for Factory:  

Since every factory keeps two kinds of storage you should keep them separated only for optimal energy flow. The raw materials awaiting processing should be placed in east of north east, east or east of south east zone. It will ensure that the materials will be used efficiently to produce good quality products. 

On the other hand, the finished goods awaiting dispatch must be positioned in the North-west zone, which will facilitating quick dispatch of the same and simultaneously will be attracting good profits.

  • Temple Placement Vastu for Factory:  

Temple is not just for the home and shops, even the industrial units should have a small temple within the factory premises. For best result, you should place the temple in the North-East zone, the zone associated with Lord Shiva, and hence referred as Ishan zone. 

This placement will invite divine blessings and positive energies, assures Best Best vastu consultant in Kolkata. keeping the temple environment clean and clutter-free is highly recommended. Even if there is a huge space available for it, you should not construct a huge temple or install huge idols inside it. Keep the temple compact for generation of strong energy field around it. 

  • Maintenance Shed Position for Factory:  

Factories often set up their own maintenance workshops for carrying out repair work. To make sure that it does its intended work flawlessly, you should install it in the South or South-West zones of the compound. Carefully avoid placing the same in the North-East or in the Brahmasthan zones of the factory otherwise it begins to jam their positive energy. 

  • Placement of Heating Equipment and other machinery in Factory:  

Every factory uses a wide range of equipment for different parts of the production process. Whatever heating equipment you have be it, boilers, furnaces, energy meters, generators, and transformers, should be positioned in the South-East, south or south of south east zones of the factory. Since these zones represents fire element, it creates a perfect blend and it minimizes the risks of accidents and machinery breakdown, which contributes to the overall positive Vastu of the factory.

Other machinery, be it heavy or light machinery, and their proper placement also matters immensely. Best vastu consultant in Kolkata recommend keeping other machinery in the South-East or South sides of the compound. 

You must never place any type of machinery in the North-East or North-West corners, because it can do much harm for the overall vastu of the factory.

  • Placement of Toilets and Septic tanks in Factory:  

Maintaining proper hygiene and vastu for toilets within a factory is essential, because for obvious reasons, the amount of negative energy emitted from here is more as compared to a household vastu. 

For best result, you should place the toilet complex in the East of South East, West of North West, or South of South West directions. These zones represent the zone of churning, depression and disposal respectively. The septic tank should be strategically placed in these said zones only. Only then it ensures that the negative energy generated thereby does not ruin the positive energy field of the entire vastu. 




In the realm of factory design, every portion of layout matters because it plays a crucial role in shaping the success and prosperity of the factory. 

By making them compliant as per vastu rules, you create an environment that maximizes efficiency of the business and also attracts positive energies that helps it bag success in this ever growing and competitive industrial landscape. Factory Vastu has become the need of the hour and that act as an invaluable tool for factories to get productivity and prosperity.

Contact the experts of Vaastu Mangaal for getting complete factory vastu evaluation and correction. We have the best Best vastu consultant in Kolkata for all your vastu related needs. 

Avail the high quality vastu service from Vaastu Mangaal to watch your vastu transform your business profoundly. 

Description- In this blog, the expert Best vastu consultant in Kolkata describes what common things comes in the layout for doing factory vastu.

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