Best DIY Tips to Clean White Leather Sofa

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Do you have a white leather sofa? Do not worry about ruining it because we are going to tell you about the remedies. These ingredients will clean stains and dark spots on the white leather sofa. Most leathers are indeed durable and long-lasting, but some of them accumulate dust quickly. A professional leather cleaning service is the best option to get rid of all these headaches, but if you want DIY solutions, please read this article.  

Select the Best Cleaning Solution

First, you have to select the cleaning solution. You can consult with an expert before buying a product. Otherwise, you can rely on organic ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar.

 However, we do not suggest you use water because leather is a porous material, and it may oversaturate the area with moisture which leads to dampness and mould growth. There are many organic solutions for leather upholstery cleaning Melbourne experts advise the following ingredients-

  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Car wax
  • Delicate dyes

Complete a Pretest

Before applying the solution to the affected area, you have to check the effectiveness of the solution by applying it in a hidden part of the furniture. Professionals also follow this step before applying their solution.

Rub the Leather Surface with a Solution

  After preparing a solution (we will discuss it later in this article), you can use a microfiber cloth or white paper towel to rub the area gently. However, in case of major damage, you should not follow circular motion because it spreads dirt all over the area.

Rub The Leather with a Dry Cloth

After that, you have to rub the affected area with a dry cloth to soak up excess moisture. If you think you have not oversaturated the area, then you can skip this step and follow the next step.

Clean the White Leather with a Damp Cloth

 Now clean the area with a damp cloth. In this step, you do not need a liquid solution. It helps to bring the shine back on the leather.

After that, you may find there are some stains that do not want to leave the surface. In that case, you have to follow the next step.

Use Nail Polish Remover

Now dip a soft cloth in a non-acetone nail polish remover, and rub the area gently. Do not forget to have a pretest with nail polish remover before implementing it

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, then consult with a leather upholstery cleaning Melbourne service provider. They have years of experience in dealing with different leather. They will provide useful insight to solve your issues.

Leather is a beautiful material, but lack of maintenance may lead to cracks, stains and discolouration. That is why you have to check care codes and maintain them regularly. 

 You should not use these remedies without consulting any professional because wrong use can damage leather significantly.

How to Protect Your Leather Furniture from Regular Wear and Tear?

Leather is made from animal skins, so it may dehydrate due to overuse. That is why you have to condition it properly with the help of an expert.

How to Remove Ink Stains?

If you have a white sofa, you often face a problem with inks. It can be from a leaking pen or newspaper, but it is absorbed easily by the leather. Indeed, it is very difficult to remove, but you can use a dry cleaning solvent to remove it properly.

How to Remove Dust?

Leather accumulates dust particles, pollen, spores, oil, kitchen smoke, and soil. If you do not treat it properly, the layer just keeps getting thicker, leading to discolouration and cracks.

 You can prepare a solution with two tablespoons of baking soda, two tablespoons of vinegar and water. Apply the solution with a microfiber cloth for leather sofa cleaning. Melbourne local experts also prefer this remedy. It makes the leather soften to remove the thick layer of dust.

How to Avoid Dehydration of Leather?

Leather comes from an animal hide that contains natural oil. It tends to evaporate over time. As a result, it creates a small gap on the surface, leading to cracks. You have to condition the leather with coconut oil. It keeps the natural balance of leather. 

How to Remove Mould and Fungus?

Dampness, high humidity and bad ventilation may lead to fungus growth. Sometimes people use DIY remedies but forget to dry the furniture properly. It deteriorates the condition. Vacuum cleaning is good for regular maintenance, but you should seek the help of a leather sofa cleaning Melbourne expert to find out the best method of removing fungus and bacteria. Please do not neglect it because it may affect the health of your family members.

How to Remove Grease and Oil?

Leather furniture tends to get grease and oil, especially on commercial premises. A layer of stain protection helps to remove this oil in a single cleaning, but if you do not have this extra protection, you have to take professional guidance to remove oil stains from your furniture.

If you need a professional leather cleaning service, please let us know about your requirement. We will send an expert team to assess the furniture and recommend appropriate treatment for deep cleaning. Our aim is to revive the original shine and texture of the material. Please feel free to call us and schedule an appointment at your convenient time.

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