Annotating, Editing, and Reviewing PDF Files


Annotating PDFs is an important feature of the document format that helps users edit their texts, leave important notes for others and help make them more relevant. Leaving annotations on a PDF is as easy as writing new texts, but with the right PDF applications, you can leave notes in specific places and address the issues related to a particular phrase or passage. Software to annotate PDFs is not hard to find online and many programs offer other important PDF editing tools. 

All the Most Important PDF Editing Tools 

Any document that is widely shared for editorial, educational or legal purposes passes through many different hands before being published. The editing process means that the document’s several authors all carefully review the text before it is submitted for publishing. Typically, this would be done with a hard, paper copy but with the PDF format, the process can be made easier. 

A PDF document remains the same wherever and with whomever, it is shared, but annotations can be added to the document so all the users involved can read, comment, and introduce their suggestions. PDF annotation tools make these additions possible, but they can also help in other ways. 

PDF editing tools can do many things from adding comments, to merging several PDFs into one to breaking a large PDF file into many small ones. They can compress a large PDF file into a smaller file size to make it easier to share or store. In some cases, you can edit PDF texts online without having to buy or install new software onto your computer. 

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How Lumin PDF Is Different

Lumin PDF is both an online PDF editor and a downloadable program that you can install onto your computer to work offline. The program comes with the standard array of PDF editing features like adding or removing text, adding annotations, comments, and other written parts to merging, splitting, and combining PDF files or compressing them down to size. 

The program works with a very straightforward user interface that is easy to navigate and even lets users sync their cloud-based storage programs like Google Drive or Dropbox with the Lumin browser so all changes can be automatically saved. Lumin PDF is also available for mobile phones and is compatible with both iOS and Android phones to make editing PDFs even easier. 

Examples of High-Quality Edited PDFs 

A high-quality edited PDF can range from several different document types that are used for a variety of reasons. The PDF format is so versatile that it can be used for any type of document that needs to be shared or to store important information like legal, financial, or business information. 

You can also create a PDF from scratch with some PDF editors that let you use either a blank form or a PDF template that can be changed to suit your needs. You can download the proper template, open it in the browser of a particular PDF editor and make minor (add text, text fields, images, graphs, etc.) or major changes (the layout, add fillable fields, add new data sets). 

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