A Guide to Purchasing a Snorkel Mask

A Guide to Purchasing a Snorkel Mask

If you are trying out snorkelling for the first time or you are heading out with someone and it is their first time you should check out a decent snorkelling mask to wear first. It is important to have the best experience possible, to think about the best mask for you, do you need a prescription snorkel mask for example if you wear glasses or contacts? A good mask should fit well be comfortable and won’t let water rush in. There are many asks on the market to suit all needs and types of people. Anyone can get a mask that meets their needs and is within their budget. You should look for something that is as good quality as you have the money to spend on. Keep in mind if buying for children that they are still growing so you might have to replace their one sooner. Here is a guide to help you along.

The most important parts of a mask

How it fits

It is crucial to have a prescription snorkel mask Australiasnorkellers swear by that fits well. Try several types on to see how they feel, made by different manufacturers. Just as shoes made by different companies fit differently, so too it is the same with snorkel masks. When you are trying them on place the mask to your face without putting the strap over your head. Inhale a little and then let go of the mask. A good fit will have that mask staying in place on your face. Just keep in mind also that the snorkel’s breathing piece in your mouth does change the shape of your face, so think about that during your fitting.

The material it is made from

While you can get plastic for the mask skirt and it is more affordable the best option is silicone so splash out and get the better option for your prescription snorkel mask. It is soft, durable, and comfortable and you can get different colours and grades. If you are taking photos and want the best option possible you would want black silicone to prevent glare from happening while you are taking pictures or shooting video. If you want the best view possible otherwise you might choose crystal as it is the clearest option letting in the most light.

Its lenses

Nowadays you can get masks with a single lens, dual, or even 3 or 4. Then you have to decide whether to have tempered glass or not. When it comes to such choices a lot will be down to personal preference. But with the tempered glass decision, it depends on whether you are also using the mask to go SCUBA diving. SCUBA masks that should have tempered glass, can be used to also snorkel in. But if you get a snorkelling mask without tempered glass, you cannot then use them when you go down deeper diving.


Another choice to consider is whether to have purge valves with your chosen swimming goggles in Brisbanesnorkellers approve of. They are at the bottom of the nose gap so you can clear water that gets in. But there are also a place where there can be more leaking problems especially as they age or if it tears.

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