A Complete Guide On Guitar Care And Maintenance

If you play guitar regularly, you may want it to be in a proper working condition. However, the proper and long-term functioning of a guitar requires care and maintenance. For this, you should follow the two basic tips, as discussed here-

How to store your guitar

Keeping the guitar safe and in playing condition is a necessary step for every professional guitarist. For this, you should know the answers to the following questions-

How to store a guitar?

How should a beginner take care of a guitar?

Beginner guitar players should take extra care of their instruments. Hence, they should-

  • Dust off the guitar
  • Change guitar strings once after two months
  • Clean off grime and dirt on neck, body, fretboard, head, and hardware
  • Check the guitar bolts and screws
  • Place your guitar in any temperate place with enough space
  • Use a proper guitar case

Should we store guitars in upright or flat positions in a guitar case?

Storing guitars flat or upright does not make any big difference to your instrument. You only have to get a guitar case that supports and fits the guitar within it. However, if your guitar case lies flat with enough space below the guitar body, it will create upward pressure on its neck resulting in warping over of your instrument with time.

Is it any problem hanging guitars?

No, there is no issue in hanging guitars if you need to play it frequently. Moreover, with stylish guitar hangers, you may boost the decor of your music room.

Can I use a guitar spade bag to store guitars?

Yes, you should place your guitar in a good-quality guitar spade bag. It protects your instrument from dust and other harmful elements. Simultaneously, placing your guitar in a spade bag helps you carry it safely.

Guitar cleaning- the second step to guitar care

Cleaning your guitar is another set to achieve guitar care. It keeps your instrument new and shiny. Moreover, regular cleaning increases the life of guitar strings and avoids tarnishing your guitar hardware. However, before you should start cleaning your guitar, you should ask a few essential questions.

How to clean your guitar?

Cleaning your guitar involves two steps, which include-

Basic cleaning tips

As a guitarist, you should essentially follow a few basic tips to clean your instrument. You should wash your hands before playing your guitar. The reason is our hands remain covered in sweat, oil, and dirt. After this, you should wipe your guitar and guitar strings after playing it.

Cleaning of Guitar Fretboard 

Whenever you remove or change guitar strings you should clean the guitar fretboard. For this, you should look for fretboard conditioners, which keep the guitar fingerboard hydrated and give a shiny look. You should also apply fretboard oil down your guitar fingerboard to avoid cracks, sprouting, or other damages. After this, you have to apply a polishing cloth.

What do I have to use for cleaning my guitar?

If you want to use a household product to clean your guitar, you should do so by applying white distilled vinegar.

Can I use olive oil to clean my guitar?

You should never use olive oil or any other oil, like lemon or coconut oil to clean your guitar fretboard or its strings. Olive oil may cause permanent damage to your guitar wood.

Should I use alcohol to clean my guitar?

No, you should avoid using alcohol, as rubbing it may dry out the guitar fingerboard wood. It also damages a few plastic materials present in your guitar.

Can I apply pledge to polish my guitar?

No, you should never apply a pledge on your acoustic or electric guitar. Pledge comes with stubborn content whose removal is a challenging task for everyone. Rather, you have to go with silicon-free polish for your guitar.


Guitar care and its regular maintenance is the prime responsibility of every new and experienced guitarist. Hence, one should store the guitar properly, clean and polish it regularly, and change its strings depending on the requirement.

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