8 Unique Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women That Will Make You Drool

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Tattoos can be of various kinds. Different sizes, shapes, colors, designs define its beauty.

Sometimes a lack of expertise in the tattoo artist or a bad tattoo studio may lead to total disaster in your design but it depends on what kind of tattoo are you choosing and how much is the artist experienced.

If you get a bold huge half sleeve tattoo that is surely going to separate you from the others because not only it creates a huge impact but it also gives a bold kind of impression and along with that it shows your pain tolerance capacity. Hats off to you if you could bear that much pain and if you cannot then you can go for a temporary tattoo too.

But if you are brave then here’s a list of 8 cool and unique half sleeve unique tattoos for women that will make you drool.


Flowers Tattoo

Flowers is an all-time design that you can go with.

If you are into big designs then this is a very good idea for a tattoo design. Flowers can reduce the extreme boldness of the half sleeve tattoo.

There can be different flowers that you can get as tattoo art. Roses, sunflowers are some of the ideas that you can get for your next tattoo.


Religious Symbols

People believe in God.

There are different beliefs and notions about it but a strong believer and the one who follows and worships them can get a tattoo with a religious symbol too.

Indians mostly believe in Lord Shankar and Mahadev. So, you can get his Trisula or the face of Lord Shankar. Christians usually get cross, Mother Mary, Jesus Christ on their arm. This is a great idea for female classy half sleeve tattoo.


Animal Tattoo

Certain animals signify strength.

Many different animals can portray the idea of being strong, tough, smart etc.

If we take the lion, for example, we have to believe that he is the king of the jungle and not only he is tough and strong but he is loyal too. So, girls if you are wondering about getting something strong and tough then you could get such a tattoo.


Tribal Tattoo

The tribal tattoo has many prints.

There can be a cult or certain inscriptions, writings, designs, symbols that are specific to a region or a community.

If you do believe in certain practices and communities or if you are a part of them then you should go for this kind of tattoo design.


Mandala Tattoo

Mandala is a kind of geometry.

Different designs and concentric circles are drawn which have too much engraving inside them and there are small-small designs in it which are spread over the whole design.

Usually, there is a flower in between but if you are a kind of a strict fan of proper mandala art then you can simply go with concentric circles. This kind of half sleeve tattoo for women is a great idea.


Forearm Abstract Tattoo

Forearm tattoos can be on the outer side or the inner side of the forearm.

So, it depends on the person where do they like their tattoo to be. There are different designs and art styles that could be done on the forearm.

A simple band of tattoo and then different designs -around it or a name and some abstract design around it. This half sleeve tattoo on forearm is bliss.


Colorful Tattoo

Colorful tattoos require extra care and they also require extra sittings for the tattoo. After getting the whole black inked tattoo, you need to wait for a few days and then you could get a colorful tattoo.

But a colorful tattoo looks super beautiful and different from the rest of the tattoo designs. There can be flowers, butterflies, symbols, objects and a lot more.


Phrases Tattoo

There are different phrases that one could try.

As shown here in the picture, that there is a quote from some famous writer and then there is a wolf in a scary night.

So, words contemplating with the whole scenario could also be done and it would give a great look too.


These are some of the designs that one could get as a huge half sleeve tattoo for women. There are many different ideas that you could execute in it with different objects, symbols and a lot of other things. So, upon your imagination, you can get some amazing ideas of a tattoo design and don’t hassle on getting inked. You just need a pain tolerance capacity and you are good to go!

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