How to wear your jackets? Fashion trends for Fall 2022

Fashion trends

Fall 2022 is here, along with the cold and rainy weather. Needless to say, now is the perfect time to wear jackets. Even though a jacket is not the easiest to style piece of clothing, if worn with the proper garment combinations and accessories, it can look super trendy. 

Today, D2Line has prepared some tips about how to style women’s jackets in order to make them not only the comfiest but also the most modern clothes.

Fall Fashion and Jackets

Fall is the best season for fashion. It gives us so many options for outfits with more than one layer of clothing. But why is the autumn so good for showing your fashion skills:

  • Time for boots – there is nothing more trendy than them
  • Leather jackets – finally not too cold, neither too hot for some leather clothing
  • You can wear oversized scarfs
  • Having the chance to wear long, warm sweaters
  • And of course – jackets, especially when styled properly

Layer the outfit up

Why do we love jackets so much? Well, they can not only be styled super nice, but they also give you the chance to layer up! Yes, sometimes the jacket can be the perfect finish to an outfit. More is more, and more clothes, styled properly, means better-looking apparel.

Feel warm, cozy and fashionable

One more thing that makes us love jackets is the fact that they are warm, comfy, and last but not least – fashionable. There is nothing better than a cozy jacket that keeps us snug during the cool autumn days.

How to wear a jacket?

We have prepared some great tips on how to wear jackets and look trendy at the same time. If you follow them, you will see how easy is to look stylish.

Create contrast with the bottoms

One great tip is to create contrast between the jacket and the bottoms. You can mix different colors, or different fabrics if you want to create a nice visual effect. We would advise you to choose the garment you want to show off as a statement piece and then go in the opposite way with your jacket and the rest of the clothes. 

Use a belt for trench coats

One of the trendiest tips we will give you today is to use a belt when wearing a trench coat. You can also use a belt with women’s jackets, office-friendly jackets, frocks, and wrap coats – it will look super stylish with all of them. 

Wear leather jackets with sneakers 

The leather jacket has become part of the perfect autumn outfit. And this year, there is a new trend – wearing a leather jacket with sneakers! Yes, even though this may sound like an odd mix, it looks super stylish and smart and we will be seeing that combination a lot this fall. 

Combine the jacket with a contrasting bag

The contrast is one great way to show off your accessories and emphasize one statement piece of your outfit. This can be your bag! The best way to make a contrast is by using different colors, but you can also achieve it with various fabrics and textures, too.

Outfit colors should match the color scheme of the jacket 

Coordinating your garment shades around a certain color or color combo is a craze in the fashion field right now. That is why sticking to a color scheme is the best thing you can do to look classy in a jacket. Especially in cooler weather, when wearing coats and jackets is unavoidable. 

 Wear cropped jackets with high-waisted bottoms

In the upcoming fall and winter seasons, you will notice the return of short bomber jackets, as well as cropped leather and furry jackets. The cropped jackets trend is indeed going strong. But the combo with high-waisted bottoms is superior. It makes sense, as, during cold days, people want to get as much coverage to keep warm, without their outfits looking stale or boring.

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