5 necessary rules for dating after divorce

Just like major other life changes, divorce is also a stressful phase for both partners. It can be the best option for two troubled people but the divorce period can create trauma for many. No matter how long the marriage has been, saying goodbye is always sad and heartbreaking. The divorce phase isn’t forever. However, after the heavy emotions have lightened, chances are there you will come back to your normal life. Once you are out of the struggle, you are a free bird, you can get into any activity you like which includes dating too. If dating excites you, here are a few rules that you can follow. they are: 

1. Identify the reason for your dating

Ask yourself if you are dating after divorce for the right reason. There are many reasons why people date after getting divorced. Ask yourself about your reason. Is it just to avoid the pain of the previous breakup? or just to prevent your loneliness? or are you genuinely ready for dating? If you are dating someone to avoid your pain or loneliness, then it’s highly suggested to stop there. Being an adult, you need to understand that no one can heal your pain of divorce except time. Dating someone can divert your mind but cannot take you out of your pain. 

2. Consider a therapist before taking any decision

Today divorce might seem to be easy because of its increasing numbers, but for the couple who have gone through it, it is still a big deal and it’s certainly not as easy as it seems to be. Dating after divorce can be done by consulting a therapist. Before taking any emotional decision after divorce, consulting a renowned therapist or relationship life coach can give you a magical result. A therapist will not only guide you, but they shall also figure out the mistakes you have made in your marriage.

3. Be honest about your past

Never mislead your partner about your life and your kids. No matter how much you try to hide, the truth will come to light eventually. This truth can be devastating for your partner, so inform your partner about yourself beforehand so that everything becomes clear. The relationship cannot grow with lies, right?

4. Date for at least two years before considering marriage

This much time takes to do your diligence. If you know your partner for two or three years, it means you have known him a bit. A person unfolds himself as time goes on. Hence after two-three years, you have a chance of knowing some of his characteristics. For instance, how they react to problems, how they react to you if he gets angry, and how they resolve fights. Try to know more about them before taking any serious decision. 

5. Don’t introduce your kids to your new partner too soon

According to the experts, you should wait for at least 6 months to introduce your family to your date. Be sure about their intentions and make sure you too want them for lifelong. Introducing your children can be confusing and stressful for them. Accepting that their parents are dating someone might not be easy for them, so go slow and take time for such introductions.

There are many other things to consider when you have decided to date someone after divorce. Trust your guts and you won’t be wrong. 

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