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5 Best Code Editors for Programmers and Developers in 2022

As a programmer, a code editor is your primary tool, which helps you to put your thoughts into code. To change HTML and CSS code, all you need is a simple text editor; the rest is up to your creativity.

You may, however, employ code editors with powerful editing tools to make your work

somewhat quicker. These features will help you when you’ re developing, testing, or debugging the code.

A code editor is just a text editor that is tailored to the development of an application. It might be a stand-alone application or a component of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

They make it easier to write and understand source code by separating the pieces so

developers can see their code.

It’s difficult to choose just one code editor as the best overall because there are so many different coding languages and approaches. Therefore, we’ ve prepared a list of the top 5 code editors available on the internet.

We’ ll find out everything each one has to offer and let you choose the one that best meets your needs.

So keep reading to see if you can discover an editor that can improve the way of your work.

Before moving forward, if you need help with programming, then make sure to check out this range of Coding and Programming related tools.

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Top 5 Best Code Editors

1. Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

Visual Studio Code is a code editor that is part of the Microsoft production line. It is among the most feature-rich and well-rounded code editors. It’s an open-source code editor that covers a broad range of programming languages and frameworks, including C, C++, and C#, as well as new languages like Go, Rust, and Node.js.

Visual Studio Code contains a lot of cool tools that can help you speed up your coding. The

application’s use of artificial intelligence is one of its most effective and highly time-saving features. This ensures that the software reads all of the code that the programmer writes in the application. As a result, it creates code-writing auto-responses focused on different types, function definitions, and other key information.

Installation Link: Download


Your PC needs to have the following specifications to run Visual code studio smoothly:


● Minimum Windows 10 version 1703 or higher for personal computers

● Minimum Windows 7 SP1 for low-end computers


● Minimum 1.8 GHz and 64-bit processor. A 4-core processor is recommended for heavy


● 2 GB of RAM is useable, but 4-GB RAM is recommended for the smooth operation of

Visual studio code

● Minimum of 4 GB of free space in the HDD. For better speed, install it on an SSD.

Other Requirements

● .NET Framework 4.5.2 minimum

● WebView2 runtime


● Refactoring and debugging of code

● It’s simple to extend and customize

● Working with Git and other SCM providers is extremely easy

● There’s a built-in debugger

● Can determine whether any code snippets are missing


● Compilation speed is slow if compared to some other editors


Button                                      Action

CTRL+.                                    Automatically rectify mistakes

CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE        Show a function’s signature

CTRL + P                               Open a specific file from a huge project

CTRL + SHIFT + L                 Change the names of files

CTRL + B                               Toggle sidebar

CTRL + K + X                         Cut white spaces

CTRL + SHIFT + L                  Add cursors to all matching selections



Quokka is a troubleshooting tool that provides real-time feedback on your code. It displays previews of functional outcomes as well as computed values for variables.


There is no built-in mechanism in VSCode for opening files on the internet. This Browser Emulator Online introduces a unique option to the context menu called Open With Default Browser, and also commands panel choices for launching in a browser of your choosing.

Color Info

Color Info is a little plugin that provides you with a variety of details about the colors you’ ve used in your CSS.


Using the famous Faker JavaScript package, quickly inject placeholder data. You may produce random names, addresses, photos, phone numbers, or traditional Lorem Ipsum texts.

CSS Sneak Peek

You may trace the definitions of CSS classes and ids in your style sheets with this plugin.

2. Notepad ++

Notepad++ is a well-known free code editor that has been used by developers all around the world for quite some time. It’s significantly less complicated, with fewer bells and whistles. The editor is approximately 4MB in size. In that small space, though, it packs a powerful impact! This code editor executes at an astonishing rate, which is ideal for modern computers.

Notepad++ is a WYSIWYG editor which comes with a long list of common features and

supports over 50 programming, scripting, and markup languages, as well as the syntax,

highlighting, and code folding. The users can customize this WYSIWYG editor to their choice. But, if you’re prepared to accept its old appearance and feel, it’s a simple-to-learn tool for the most basic code editing requirements.

Installation Link: Download


Your PC needs to have the following specifications to run Notepad++ :


● Windows Vista, XP, and newer versions


● At least 512 MB RAM

● 100 MB of free storage space in hard disk drive

● Intel Pentium 4 or newer processor


● Support keyword filling and function completion

● Support for a multilingual environment

● Marking of syntax

● A quick-to-launch small program.

● Sidebar editing is supported.

● Editing in collaboration

● Auto-saving


● Outdated appearance


Buttons                                      Action

Ctrl + Left Mouse Click             Start the newly selected area

ALT + C                                    Column Editor

Ctrl + D                                     Duplicate the Current Line

Ctrl + T                                     Switch the current line position with the previous line position

Ctrl + Shift + Up                        Move the Current Line

Alt + Shift + Arrow Keys            Column Mode Select



This plugin is a lifesaver for many folks since it saves your code automatically.


NPPExport is a plugin that transforms markdown files to HTML or RTF format (Rich Text


Alignment of Codes

The code alignment plugin aligns the code and allows us to align it with whatever sign we



When you enable Multi-clipboard, a window appears on the left side of notepad++, containing all of the histories of the code you’ve copied.


This plug-in helps javascript developers provide relevant tools while writing code.


This plugin allows you to view two files side by side in order to compare them and detect

differences or similarities based on your needs.


This plugin scans the code for spelling mistakes and then corrects them.

3. Brackets

Joining and making connections across design and execution is one of the easiest strategies to progress in web development and brackets that try to accomplish that precisely. Brackets is an open-source WYSIWYG editor available for free. It’s a strong text editor with huge support for different programming languages.

The most notable feature distinguishing Brackets from other code editors is its outstanding

" Extract" capability. This function allows you to choose colors, dimensions, fonts, gradients, and other elements from a Photoshop file and convert them to a web-ready CSS.

Installation Link: Download


Your PC needs to have the following specifications to run Brackets smoothly :


● Windows Vista, XP, and newer versions


● At least 1 GB of RAM

● 1 GB of free storage space in a hard disk drive

● Intel Pentium D or newer processor


● With a web connection, you can see what’s going on in real-time

● It is Lightweight (only 40 MB)

● The user interface is simple and easy to manage

● The syntax of the code is underlined automatically

● Because it’s an open-source platform, it’s very easy to customize

● Provides faster access to a specific section of the code

● The user interface is pleasing to the eye


● There are some glitches in the compilation


Go to document end         Ctrl + End

Open line below            Ctrl + Enter

Open line above           Ctrl + Shift + Enter

Rename                        F2

Find next                       F3

Find previous                Shift + F3

Next bookmark              F4

Previous bookmark       Shift + F4

Reload                          F5


Auto Prefix

Autoprefixer is a postprocessor that optimizes the handling of vendor prefixes. CSS files are

parsed by Autoprefixer, which then adds vendor prefixes to CSS rules.


Minifier compresses JavaScript and CSS files and stores them as filenames in brackets.

Use the keyboard shortcut CMD+M or Ctrl+M to minify a file. It reduces files and saves space on your computer.


The Beautify Brackets addon improves the appearance of your code. It not only improves the readability of your files but also provides a useful shortcut key for beautifying them.


It improves your HTML and CSS workflow by allowing you to fill in CSS-like expressions that are dynamically processed and create output that matches what you typed in the abbreviation.

4. Blue Fish

Bluefish is a dynamic open-source and free code editor designed primarily for web developers and designers with a lot of expertise. It works with a variety of programming and markup languages, although it’s mostly used to create dynamic and interactive websites.

If you like working on a lot of different applications at once and don’t want to waste time waiting
for the code editor to run your code, Bluefish is the code editor for you. BlueFish is lightning-
a fast code editor that can handle a wide range of markup languages. The technology is so
powerful that it can load a whole page in less than a second!

Installation Link: Download


Your PC needs to have the following specifications to run Bluefish smoothly:


● Windows Vista, XP, and newer versions


● At least 512 MB RAM

● 500 MB of free storage space in a hard disk drive

● Intel Pentium 4 or newer processor


● After a crash or shutdown, changes can be automatically recovered.

● Hundreds of files are loaded in seconds.

● Supports remote files on multiple threads.

● Almost every programming language is supported.

● Text window with anti-aliasing.

● Multiple document interface (opens 500+ documents in seconds).


● Might lag during heavy coding sessions

● No plugins support


Button                                Function

SHIFT + CTRL + BB         Select parent block

CTRL + D                          Duplicate line

SHIFT + CTRL + C           Toggle comment

CTRL + L                          Goto line

CTRL + F                         Search

5. TextMate

TextMate is a premium segment source code editor for Mac OS that has a really nice interface. It’s a multi-purpose text editor with a variety of new and interesting features. Moreover, it is available free of cost.

It contains ready-to-use macro packages and snippets of source code or text (snippets) for a
variety of computer languages. If you’re searching for a free text editor for your Mac, TextMate
is an excellent choice.

Installation Link: Download


Your MAC needs to have the following specifications to run text mate smoothly:


● MacOS X Leopards and newer versions


● At least 512 MB RAM

● 300 MB of free storage space in the hard disk drive

● Intel Core 2 Duo or newer processor


● Management of the clipboard is simple.

● Search and replace tools

● Common Tasks Auto-Indent

● Code blocks that can be folded

● Marcos, which reduces the redundant effort

● Syntax is highlighted.


● No plugins support


Ctrl+Optn+Cmd+V                     Clipboard history

Ctrl+Cmd+V                               Paste without indentation

Optn+Cmd+E                             Freehand editing mode

Optn+Cmd+O                            Overwrite mode

Optn+Cmd+I                              Show Invisibles

F1                                               Fold current block

Ctrl+Optn+Cmd+D                     Show project drawer


Code editors are one of the most crucial parts of the whole coding procedure. It decides how

your code will compile, proceed, and run. Therefore, choosing the right code editor is extremely important.

In this blog, we have gone through the 5 best code editors and found Virtual Studio Code to be the best one overall. However, each code editor is different in terms of plugins, shortcuts, and performance. Therefore, you should choose your code editor wisely.

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