3 Ways to Optimize Team Collaboration in Hybrid Workplace

Team Collaboration

The business world has drawn major lessons over the past two years. The perception of the workplace and how the work gets done will never be the same. Agile teams prepared to adapt quickly to remote or hybrid work environments will overperform those who stick to the old ways. 

If you want to be the leader of a highly successful tight-knit hybrid team. you need to find a way to alleviate complex processes and ensure seamless communications with the help of advanced digital tools. 

Here are several steps you can take to turn your hybrid teams into well-oiled machines that will work together toward reaching common goals.

Setting Clear Common Goals Enforces Cross-Team Collaboration

According to numerous surveys, one of the prominent weaknesses of remote work was lowered cross-team collaboration. Employees working remotely tend to spend most of their time working with their team members, sometimes not getting to meet their coworkers from other teams.

If you want to encourage your employees to share their specific knowledge across different teams, try to get them on the same page about the significant goals and company vision.

You can achieve this by relying on effective project management platforms to stay on track with different tasks and projects and an online whiteboard for creative brainstorming sessions and detailed presentations.

Setting clear goals with responsibilities and expectations will enhance your employee productivity and collaboration.

Focusing on Accessibility and inclusion as Core Values

You may plan a return to the office, embracing the hybrid work model. Therefore you need to make accessibility and inclusion your core values to make sure every employee can fulfill their potential and perform well in the hybrid workplace. 

More often than not, remote workers feel isolated from the rest of the team, missing out on all the interactions office-based employees have. This sense of isolation can make them feel frustrated and unmotivated, driving them to disengagement. 

This is especially true for employees with disabilities. So you need to ask yourself how to create a more accessible work environment to meet all employees’ needs. 

For example, you can follow the lead of some businesses that use inclusive meeting resources like digital captioning or digital interpreters to make sure all employees have an equal chance to participate in different projects.

Giving Every Employee a Voice

Often the quietest person in the room can come up with a brilliant idea. This said if you want to achieve stellar cross-team cooperation, make sure that all employees have access to indispensable tools and resources. More importantly, they need to have equal chances to participate in meetings and share their ideas and opinions with their coworkers.

Online whiteboards will give your employees a blank canvas they can fill in with their exceptional ideas in every way they want. They can embed a task from Trello or use one of the numerous templates offered. The point is they will have the voice and an opportunity to share it with other teams.

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