3 Most Essential & Worth Knowing Levels of Packaging with an Example of Custom Bakery Boxes

Custom Bakery Boxes

You already know that the basic purpose of packaging is to provide protection to the products. These levels of packaging are not utilized properly in some cases. Knowing the levels of packaging can help you utilize the basic function of packaging in a better way. Different types of materials are used for these levels of packaging. But how would you classify each level of packaging? What will you name each level? How will you know what level of packaging is required for different types of content?

Here, we will explain the three most essential levels of packaging by taking Bakery products as an example of the content. It will help you know how you can utilize this for your products when you order custom bakery boxes. Three levels of packaging, primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging are explained in this piece of writing.


Primary Packaging of Custom Bakery Boxes

Primary packaging is also termed retail packaging. It is primary because it is the first layer of packaging that touches the product. It requires careful manufacturing and material because it is in touch with the product. It plays an important role in preservation, especially for food-related products. Therefore, high-quality custom bakery boxes are required to secure and stable the bakery products for a longer period of time.

This Level of packaging is useful in two ways, it provides protection as well as promotion to the products. Protection and promotion are the two main goals of primary packaging.


Secondary Packaging of Bakery Packaging Boxes

Secondary packaging is the packaging of primary packaging. The main purpose of this level of packaging is to provide protection. It is like an extra layer of protection to those products which are shipped from one point to another. For example, bakery products or any other types of beverages are sent from one shop to another, so an extra box is used to protect custom bakery boxes in it.

The second goal of the secondary level of packaging is to promote the products. Big custom printed bakery boxes are used for branding bakery products while shipping. However, you can notice that primary packaging and secondary packaging overlap sometimes because both are interlinked with each other.  


Tertiary Packaging of Custom Printed Bakery Boxes

Tertiary packaging is the packaging of primary and secondary packaging as a whole. Its main goal is to provide maximum protection to the products. This type of packaging is not observed by the customers because it is used when shipping products in bulk sizes. For example, custom printed bakery boxes stored in the secondary level of boxes are further packaged in the tertiary level of packaging during their time in shipment.

Closing Lines:

Packaging is essential and it needs a careful strategy. It does not which level of packaging you utilize but understanding the difference in levels of packaging can help you devise the best packaging for your products. There are two most fundamental goals of all levels of packaging, the one is protection and the second is promotion. Now, you can analyze and decide which level of bakery packaging boxes are suitable according to your bakery products.

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