11 Google Slides Features That Can Save You A Lot of Time

11 Google Slides Features

Don’t neglect Google Slides if you’re searching for a great tool for your presentations. This free application, which is accessible through Google Drive and has a lot to offer. In fact, it is one of the finest presentation design tools available.

Google Slides has all of the essential slide presentation tools you’ll need, such as text styles, picture tools, and custom themes. It also has more complex presenting skills, such as the ability to publish to the web, as well as excellent collaborative options.

You can quickly learn how to utilize each Google Slides presentation feature. In this article, we’ll go over 11 Google Slides features you might not know about, along with some tips and tricks for getting the most out of this software.

What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is a presentation tool that allows users to create and deliver presentations more easily than ever before. You can use Google Slides to make slideshows in your web browser without installing any software.

Furthermore, Google Slides has collaboration features that allow many individuals to collaborate on presentations in the meantime, along with online editing capabilities that allow you to continue to work on your presentation even if you are not near a computer.

11 Amazing Google Slides Features You Must Try!

Now, let’s go through the most important Google Slides presentation features.

1. Master Slide Creation

A master slide is an excellent technique to ensure that your presentation has a consistent design and feel.

To make one, pick File > New > Presentation and then the “blank presentation” template. After you’ve finished creating your slides, format them to fit the rest of your presentation. Font style and size, and background color or picture, will be included.

You can also include features such as headers and footers on each slide in your presentation.

2. Add a Theme to Your Master Slide

Another approach to modifying the appearance of your slides is to apply a theme to the Master slide. Find any text or picture on any slide, right-click it, and choose ‘Add to Master.’ This will apply the text style or picture placement to every slide in your project.

3. Slide Editing Options

It is critical to consider how your audience will perceive your slides while generating or updating them. Use basic typefaces and limit the amount of content on each presentation. Instead of cramming everything into one presentation, divide information over numerous slides if feasible.

Also, if feasible, utilize illustrations or diagrams to assist explain your arguments. This comes in handy when presenting facts or statistics.

4. Create a Sharable Template

Once you’ve created a master slide, you can use it as the foundation for all of the other slides in your presentation. To make it a shared template, go to Google Drive, click the arrow next to Google Slides, and then click ‘From A Template.’ Choose ‘Submit Template’ from this menu. Finally, review your presentations and choose the one you wish to submit.

On SlideUpLift, you can choose from a large range of professional Google Slides templates created by expert designers.

5. Embed YouTube Videos into Your Slides

One of Google Slides’ most valuable features is the ability to integrate YouTube movies. This is one approach to keep your audience interested and amused during a live broadcast.

To insert a video into Google Slides, go to the top menu and pick “Video.” You could also use your PC to submit a video file.

6. Autoplay Your Slides

When utilizing Google Slides for visual signage, slide autoplay is a nice tool to have. It guarantees that your presentation runs properly and efficiently.

To activate this function, just publish your presentation online (from the top menu, ‘File’ and ‘Publish to the web’) and update the Auto-advance slides option to the time you want before publishing.

7. Linking Slides

Another useful feature of Google Slides is the ability to connect slides. While copying and pasting a complete slide of another presentation is useful, if that slide changes, it is not updated in yours. By linking slides, any changes are immediately carried across.

8. Add Images and Backgrounds to your Slides

Google image tools will help you build stunning presentations. You can wow any audience by adding your own photographs and background. These Google Slides functions are simple to utilize. Include them in your design process.

Go to the Insert > Image menu in Google Slides to upload an image. There are various alternatives here. The Upload from the Computer function is one example. You can add an image file from your PC to Google slides by importing it.

Importing from a URL, your saved Google Photos, and other alternatives are also available. You can also add slide themes using these Google tools.

9. Real-time Collaboration

The ability to work with others is one of Google Slides’ assets. This online-only tool is designed for the contemporary web, allowing you to quickly share using Google Slides’ collaborative capabilities. Your collaborator can view, change, or comment on your presentation depending on the permissions you provide them.

10. Special Effects

Although you would not anticipate it from a free application like Google Slides, it does provide quality presentation special effects. Google Slides’ fancy effects compete with those provided by more expensive software solutions.

In addition to transition effects, Google Slides allows you to animate particular objects on a single presentation. There are 15 distinct animation effects to choose from.

11. Speaker Notes

Some Google Slides features are intended to boost your presentation confidence. The Speaker Notes function is one of the most basic and effective.

Activate it by going to the View tab and selecting Show Speaker Notes. A box will appear underneath your slides. You can type notes in it. These will not be visible to your audience but will be visible to you when you share.

This way, you’ll have a helpful guide to help you remain focused when presenting. It eliminates the cumbersome task of viewing slides or notes while speaking.

Wrapping It Up

Should you do your presentations with Google Slides? A comparison of Google Slides and other applications reveals that Slides has distinct benefits. And, due to this site, you now have access to a plethora of the greatest Google tools.

Google Slides is a web-based application that is great for teamwork. Google’s slide tool also includes additional functionality for business use. When you factor in the fact that the Google Slides presentation tool is also free, it becomes an outstanding choice.

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