Why You Should Buy A Mobile Phone On EMI Instead of Paying Full Price

buy mobile on emi

A smartphone is probably one of the most useful pieces of hardware anyone can own. It’s not only communication easier, but has opened up a window of opportunities for users all over the world. As smartphones become more affordable by the day, there is hardly anyone we come across who doesn’t own one.

Moreover, since newer models keep releasing day in and out, everyone wishes to buy a smartphone with the latest hardware specs and software. This also means that there are times when a person may just give in to impulse buying a new one, or overspending on buying one even when they are short on funds.

This is where buy mobile on emi comes into the picture as it saves you from making hefty down payments on flagship mobiles that could cost a bomb. And nobody is to blame since with all the bells and whistles that they come with, it’s hard for the end consumer to ignore such a device.

In this article, we will look at a few benefits of shop now pay later, and why you shouldn’t be paying the full price on your next purchase!

Zero Down payment Schemes 

Ever since the market became more consumer-centric, multiple brands have proliferated bringing down the overall price of mobile phones. However, if you are planning on buying a flagship device, then be ready to spend a fortune unless you take benefit of the zero down payment schemes that are available if you make that same purchase on EMIs. That means you just need to walk into a store, fill out a few basic details, and walk away with a new phone without spending a penny upfront.

Longer Repayment Schedule and Lower Interest Rates

One of the other benefits of buy mobile on emi is the benefit that you get from lower interest rates and longer repayment schedules. There is more competition than ever in the market with multiple brands, and loan providers offering lucrative interest rates to compete with each other. As a consumer, you can hugely benefit from these schemes and get yourself a new smartphone even when you might not necessarily have the budget to get one.

Shop Even Without a Credit Card 

Unlike earlier, when having a credit card was always almost mandatory to get a consumer durable loan approved; it’s not so much the case these days. Today, you can get a Buy now pay later option even on your debit card. That means anyone can just walk into a store and get a brand-new cellphone.

Makes you Financially Disciplined

Getting a smartphone by paying full price even when you are low on funds makes you go overboard with your spending; something that a lot of people regret once they bought something as a result of impulse shopping. On the other hand, getting a smartphone via buy mobile on emi schemes is mostly a well-thought decision because the person needs to keep up with the payments to maintain a good repute with the loan provider, and to also remain eligible for future loans.

Therefore, if you are thinking of getting that latest smartphone, it’s best to hold on to it for a few days, and even then, if you really feel like you can’t live without it, it’s best to get it via shop now pay later schemes rather than paying upfront.

Now that you know the benefits of getting one on EMI, there is no reason why you need to pay upfront every time you are shopping for a new device! 

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