Why Albania is the best European Country as a BPO destination

Back in the 2000s, Albania was initially considered a possible location for BPO services. But over time, the Balkans’ regional power and a growing market helped it rise to the top of travelers’ lists. Thanks to the nation’s urban culture, infrastructure, resource availability, and cost-effectiveness, BPO services have changed in Albania. The accessibility of qualified labor is the primary condition for the expansion of BPOs. Albania produces graduates in the most essential industries, including engineering, medicine, finance, information technology, and other sciences, thanks to its little more than 30 universities. This, of course, provides the BPO industry in Albania with a wealth of technical skills and graduates who speak other languages, ready at any time to be swallowed.

A favorable business climate

The largest cities in Albania today participate in the cutting-edge IT industry, which gives companies around the world several reasons to outsource their services to Albania. Tirana, Durres, Shkodra, Elbasan, and Vlora are among these cities. With some supportive business policies and political stability, you might choose one of these locations as your next outsourcing choice to increase the profitability of your company.


Cost should not be the primary consideration when outsourcing projects, contrary to popular belief, but there is no denying that it is an important aspect. Cost-effectiveness is one of the three key factors you should think about when deciding whether to outsource your company. Due to their affordability, Albanian cities provide the option to outsource development projects. The recruiting rates for qualified personnel are substantially lower than in Western nations like Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, the UK, and other European nations.

Similar Time Zones

A similar time zone may be one of the main advantages, along with the affordability of the cities in Albania. The time zone in Albania is the same as that in the rest of Europe. Simply put, this means that the teams’ response times shorten while synchronous communication speeds up, making it possible to solve problems quickly and simply. Time zone differences cause communication to suffer the most; however, outsourcing to Albania solves this problem.

A richness of technical expertise

In Albanian cities, there are many highly skilled and experienced technical experts, and this trend is growing. Numerous competent and experienced individuals from several Albanian cities, like Tirana, Vlora, Durres, Shkodra, Elbasan, and more, may be found at internet freelancing sites for programmers. The expanding technical workforce in these locations is partly to blame for the increase in outsourcing to Albania.

Knowledge of other languages

Many Albanians reside in urban areas where other languages are commonly spoken. Most of Albania will have residents who can converse proficiently in more than one language. Successful foreign language instruction does not require a large financial commitment.

Booming outsourcing industry

It is hardly surprising that Albania is expanding quickly given how rapidly the global outsourcing business is growing. While Tirana, Durres, and Shkodra have been leading the way in the outsourcing industry, several smaller Albanian cities are increasingly dislodging them as offshoring hubs.

BPO Facts

Numerous facts show that BPO significantly affects the economy. The important statistics and data you should be aware of will be provided to you in the following paragraphs if you are currently thinking about using BPO for your business.

BPO companies are accustomed to working with organizations and are knowledgeable about their requirements. They can offer data that illustrates the company’s entire BPO experience. These figures might aid companies in deciding whether or not to outsource their operational procedures.

  • 78% of businesses see their connection with their BPO supplier favorably.
  • 80% of businesses need structure when working with their BPO partner.
  • Business process outsourcing is used by 57% of companies as a practical way to concentrate more on key issues like operations or functions.
  • To keep their customers happy, 54% of organizations work with at least one third-party support team. 

Organizations that have previously worked with BPOs have used these statistics. They are all reviews to assist you in determining whether your organization requires a BPO provider or not. Considering these facts will assist you in developing a strong BPO partnership.

What Are the BPO Sector’s Most Popular Focus Industries?

Almost every industry that needs assistance in managing operations can get it through business process outsourcing, which is a reasonably inexpensive option. One of the major advantages of outsourcing is that businesses can hire qualified personnel and cutting-edge equipment from a variety of professions and industries. 

Knowing which industries, jobs, and business sectors other firms favor can be useful. Here are a few of the main BPO industries of focus:

  1. Information technology is one of the fastest-growing and most complex industries. IT has been the most frequently outsourced area of business since outsourcing began. Currently, 74% of companies use BPO for IT processes.
  2. Digital Marketing: Digital marketing can make or break your business. Through digital marketing, your business can grow its reach, build its brand, generate more leads, and ultimately increase profits. 34 percent of companies working with BPO partners recruited them for digital marketing purposes.
  3. Payroll: Accurate and efficient handling of the payroll process is critical to the success of your business. Organizations that use BPO for their payroll process save 18% more than those that manage payroll in-house.
  4. Accounting: With today’s business regulations, companies spend a lot of time and money on the accounting process. Accounting is therefore the second most frequently outsourced focus area, with 37% of companies turning to BPOs to handle their accounting processes.
  5. HR & Customer Service: Human resources and customer service are frequently outsourced to improve the user experience. Currently, more than 40% of support desk roles in banks and financial institutions are outsourced. Furthermore, 24% of businesses think that outsourcing their HR and customer service allows them more time to concentrate on their core business activities.

Things You Didn’t Know About Outsourcing to BPO Companies in Albania

Do you intend to hire BPO firms to perform your business tasks? Do you need to address any issues first before beginning the outsourcing process?

You’ve come to the right place if your response to both questions was “yes.”

Although outsourcing is not particularly new, there are a few things you should understand before choosing to outsource a certain set of business operations.

We’re going to look at some of the astounding information you should know regarding outsourcing to BPO firms in this piece.

Let’s begin immediately.

Jobs might be outsourced to resolve issues

Let’s be clear about this.

Many issues your business may be facing can be resolved with the aid of BPO firms, including reducing operating costs and raising productivity.

But keep in mind that outsourcing shouldn’t be seen as a one-stop shop for all of your company’s issues.

Instead, by rigorously examining your aim for certain procedures, you may find the issues that outsourcing to BPO providers can help you solve.

Following the identification of particular issues, you may specify the main obstacles preventing your business from achieving that and explain how outsourcing can help you overcome them.

The Future of Outsourcing Will Include a Significant Amount of Automation

The number of company tasks you may outsource will increase along with outsourcing, enabling you to accomplish your objectives and get the outcomes you want faster and more effectively.

Automation is one of the outsourcing variables that’s going to be essential in making this happen.

This indicates that BPO firms are likely to use cutting-edge tools like cloud computing and machine learning, which will help you simplify your operations and save on expenses.

As a result, collaborating with BPO firms provides your company access to automation technologies that can quicken your company’s growth.

Since businesses of all sizes will have access to these technologies through outsourcing, the role of automation in BPO firms will also provide you with a competitive edge.

You can still manage your processes through outsourcing.

One misunderstanding regarding outsourcing is that you will lose control over the procedures you outsource; however, this isn’t wholly true and may be completely avoided.

Here are some measures you may take to make sure you keep oversight of your outsourced jobs. 

  • Give specific instructions on how your outsourcing partner will handle and protect your private data and financial information.
  • Early on, establish expectations, and be involved throughout the entire process.
  • Make sure your contract includes performance metrics or a frequent review procedure.
  • Keep in touch and check your outsourcing partner’s work as needed.

Open communication and strong performance indicators are the keys to helping you keep control over your outsourced operations and successful partnerships without micromanaging.

A policy for your business process operations will also help clarify the roles, responsibilities, and outputs expected of each party and reduce any possible hazards.

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