Which Employee Monitoring Software Is Best?

The widespread adoption of remote working due to the pandemic and the work-from-home trend has strengthened the case for making employee monitoring a legal requirement for businesses.

Employee monitoring software has flooded the market with an expanding tendency. Organizations must comprehend the different types of tracking software accessible and their benefits before purchase. Additionally, it’s vital to know the complexities of using the program and the rules that apply to employee surveillance. Use Clockly for the best employee surveillance.

You may choose the best employee monitoring system for your business using the information below.

The Size of Your Company

Varying tools get designed for teams of different sizes, so this is one of the key considerations you’ll need to make. Some systems are designed for a small group of ten or fifteen people, while others are better suited for companies with hundreds or thousands of employees. Additionally, the location of your employee is very significant. While some employee monitoring software is cloud-based and others may be on-premises, you will need a cloud solution to manage remote workforces.


Employee monitoring software’s most important component is its platform characteristics. For just one thing, some people choose particular software while others do not. Specific programs and websites for your computers may get restricted by some apps. You may record and track what your employees get doing online with a function in certain other apps. Once more, you can select an employee time clock if you’re looking for an employee monitoring solution that prioritizes increasing productivity.

You should keep in mind these points. Consider the requirements that your company has. Does it need the strictest security? Perhaps something else is required? One-stop shopping is possible with some tools. If a specific set of characteristics interests you, you don’t have to choose that option and spend extra money.

Ease of Use

The likelihood that your company lacks an internal security unit or an IT staff increases if you run a small or medium-sized organization. As a result, selecting the appropriate tool also requires consideration of how user-friendly a system is. Ensure the product is flexible and doesn’t contain a lot of intricate functionalities. Otherwise, the whole process would be laborious. Many tools allow a free trial, so you can use one before making a purchase.


You decide how much your business is willing to pay for a tool for employee monitoring. While some services charge you monthly, others need a yearly subscription cost.

All of these considerations are important when thinking about purchasing employee monitoring software for your company. Before making any purchases, make sure to write down your requirements.

How much does employee monitoring software cost?

Software for employee monitoring is typically either run in the cloud or deployed on-premises. On-premises systems usually cost more upfront and need an IT team to maintain a server, but they give businesses more control over the data gathered. A cloud-based solution is less expensive upfront and doesn’t require as much maintenance as an on-premises option. With cloud-based software, however, you give a third-party control over the upkeep and protection of your data.

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