What to Consider When Buying Glasses Online?

Buying Glasses Online

The process of buying glasses should be a hassle-free experience. But buying them online is a little bit challenging compared to the ones available in a traditional brick-and-mortar store. 

If the specific glasses you need and prefer are not available by your local optometrist and you basically do not have any choice but buy them online, then the article I have prepared for today will especially provide you with the information that’ll help you find the perfect one that suits you.

So without any further delays, let’s begin today’s brief discussion…

Have Your Prescription Information Ready

If you need a set of prescription eyeglasses, you should prepare the prescription information that is given by your optometrist. It gives the online merchant and you the idea of the right pair of eyeglasses for your specific needs. In order for you to keep your eye health and eyesight to be in tip-top condition, you have to visit your optometrist regularly. Doing so enables you to learn the changes in your vision.

Choose Your Needed Lens Thickness

Apparently, the thickness of the lenses relies on your prescription information. But you can raise the level of thickness index as long as it still makes sense with your prescription information.

Each online retailer has its own standard index. But the standard index is between 150 to 156, or 1.50 to 1.56. The higher your prescription index means the lower or thinner eyeglass lenses.

Choose Your Preferred Frames

The next important consideration you have to take into account is by selecting the eyeglass frames that fit your specific preferences.

In choosing the right frames, the following are the factors you have to take note of—

  • Size – opt for a frame that is in accordance with the width of your face. You don’t want the eyeglass to fit loosely on your face and fall out as you move around.
  • Shape and Style – another important consideration is choosing the right eyeglasses that are based on your facial features
  • Color – the last thing you have to bear in mind is the color of the frames you like

Lens Type

The lens type is either for prescription or non-prescription purposes—

  • Prescription – as much as possible, you need to follow the prescription information your optometrist has provided to you
  • Non-prescription – this type of eyewear is basically used for reading glasses or anti-radiation for people who are constantly in front of a computer
  • PD Measurement – opt for lenses that are in accordance with your PD measurement. In order to get the right size, you can use a pd ruler to do so. PD or Pupillary Distance is basically the distance between the centers of your pupils.
  • Coating and Customization – in addition to prescription and non-prescription glasses, you also have to consider the specifics like protective coating for scratches, UV rays, and blocking of radiation emitted from the LCD screens of digital devices 

Price of the Eyeglasses

After you have taken note of the important specifications that fit your needs and preferences, you now have to consider the money that is available for the purchase of the eyeglasses. You have to be certain that you have enough funds for the one that is particularly within the specifications you seek.

Alongside the cost of the eyeglasses, you also have to look for their shipping policies and if there are any refund policies available if you are not satisfied with the pair you have received.


Shopping for eyeglasses online isn’t an excuse to purchase an outstanding pair that is reliable and could stand the test of time. The list of factors I prepared for today is some of the considerations you have to take in order to successfully buy the products that are actually within the range of particulars.

And if you are looking for eyeglasses that are quality yet the best value for your money, then you can check out the GlassesShop official site.

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