What Is The Average Ucat Score?

When you struggle to fulfill your medical dreams, you travel through three main phases; submitting Personal Statement, giving a UCAT, and appearing in a Medical Interview. The most crucial phase that demands valuable preparation is UCAT. UCAT is University Clinical Aptitude Test that interprets you and locates your proficiency to become a Doctor. You only attain an acceptable score when you know the average score of a paper. In this article, you will read about UCAT scoring, specifically the average UCAT score.

UCAT 5 Subsets

Before moving towards the average UCAT score, you must know UCAT 5 subsets. Following are the 5 subsets of UCAT;

  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Decision Making
  3. Quantitative Reasoning
  4. Abstract Reasoning
  5. Situational Judgement

Average Score in UCAT Subsets

According to 2022, the average scores in separate UCAT subsets were;

  1. 567 in Verbal Reasoning
  2. 616 in Decision Making
  3. 658 in Quantitative Reasoning
  4. 659 in Abstract Reasoning

Every student needs UCAT tutors to attain average scores in different subsets. Your score in every UCAT section is essential for an overall good UCAT score.

The Average UCAT Score

The record of the last 5years’ UCAT average score is given below;

  1. 2500 in 2022
  2. 2499 in 2021
  3. 2511 in 2020
  4. 2483 in 2019
  5. 2485 in 2018

The overall UCAT average score is 2480 – 2550. It means your score is around 50%, and you are on the 5th decile.

The Good UCAT Score

You might be a shining student and wish to get good marks in UCAT. You can achieve your target by gaining a 2720 score in UCAT. It shows that you are around the 80th percentile. Suppose you wish to attain the 90th percentile for an excellent score. You can touch your target with a 2800 UCAT score. In short, make a target of 2600-2800 score in UCAT.

Universities Where You Can Apply with Average UCAT Score

Students become sad when they get an average UCAT score. However, there is no need to worry because many universities offer medical seats to students with average UCAT scores.

  • Aberdeen
  • Birmingham
  • Cardiff
  • Dundee
  • East Anglia
  • Hull York
  • Keele
  • Liverpool
  • Plymouth
  • Queens
  • Sunderland

How to Get a Good Score in UCAT?

For a good UCAT score, you need an expert team of UCAT tutors. They will prepare you to give your performance in all subsets of UCAT fantastically. You should find the most suitable academy for preparation to meet your professional tutors.

Preparation for UCAT from The Future Medic

The Future Medic is the most trustworthy academy for UCAT preparation. Not only for UCAT preparation, but they are also ideal for writing Personal Statements and preparing Medical Interviews. You can purchase any of their packages according to your need. The expert team of The Future Medic makes students eligible to cross the gates of the Medical University. If you are interested in the UCAT course, their packages start from £100. For your satisfaction, visit their website and read their specialties. They are number 1 among the other academies of the UK.

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