What is PV on the roof and its application?

A solar photovoltaic system, also known as PV, is either integrated on the building facade or mounted on roof depending on the functional requirements of the customers. The PV system is essentially the electrical installation which is used for converting solar energy into usable electricity. This electric generation and conversion process is used for catering to the energy consumption requirements of industries, factories, businesses, offices, and residences.

The PV system that is mounted on the rooftops or assembled on other locations is known as the solar panel system and it is done using tile roof mounting bracket. If anyone wants to transition to solar energy mode then it would require the installation of  solar panels which will not only generate energy but also convert it for powering the energy appliances and devices. Due to the declining health of the climate, the administrations are encouraging manufacturers to come up with tangible and efficient solar powered solutions for the varying requirements of the different industries.

There are several companies and manufacturers in the market that are known for their excellent track record and high quality solar mounting system products. You can look around for different options before you decide to install a solar power plant for powering your energy needs.

High quality solar products from Mibet energy

Amongst the different names in the industry, the Mibet energy is one of the most prominent and reliable operators in the industry. The Mibet energy has earned the trust of the clients through years of excellent products and services to the customers. The resources of the company are dedicated to providing top class solar mounting solutions across the globe. The economical and highly reliable solar racking system from is sold in more than 100 nations and regions around the world. Mibet energy is one of the largest exporters of solar PV mounting systems in China.

The company provides a wide range of solar products to the consumers. One of the prominent and highest selling solar energy product manufactured by Mibet energy is Single Axis Solar Tracking System TR2. This is a smart single axis horizontal tracking solar system and it is mainly used for large scale solar power plants that are installed in low latitude regions. One control and motor system makes up the complete solar module of the array track automatically. The unique structure of the linkage, and the slewing bearing ensures the stability of the entire system, low maintenance cost, and low failure rate. This product provides a good option for large scale power plants having roughly 20% of power generation in comparison to the fixed system.

Some of the advantages that you get with this product includes automatic tracking without requiring manual debugging, availability of custom system configuration, equipped with GPS tech for ensuring accuracy of time, group control for multi-equipment, and remote communication feature.

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