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Top Ways to Get Employees to Promote Your Brand

Top Ways to Get Employees to Promote Your Brand

If you are struggling to promote your brand and get the word out, you should remember that you don’t have to go far to find people to help raise awareness. You have a full team of people surrounding you who can assist you in your mission to promote your brand. With some insight, you can easily encourage your employees to promote your brand for you in 2023. This is how you can do this. 

  • Invest in Custom Water Bottles

Everyone needs to drink throughout the day. Rather than allowing the opportunity to pass you by, you should consider investing in custom water bottles to gift to your employees. Not only can these be a great corporate gift for new employees, but they will also allow your employees to promote your brand via their water bottles when they are out and about.

This works even better if your employees regularly visit your customer’s houses or meet with clients outside of your office. It is incredibly easy to get your hands on branded water bottles, too! You should look at the custom water bottle options that are offered by Anthem Branding for some of the highest quality products. These may ensure that more people find out about your business through your employees. 

  • Invest in a Uniform

Although your employees may be reluctant to wear a uniform, uniforms can work particularly well for retail and hospitality environments, especially if they are uniforms that your employees will be comfortable in. You might even simply invest in t-shirts, shirts, or even trucker caps for your employees and allow them to wear their own clothes around this signature piece of uniform. 

Not only can this help to market your business when they are at work and beyond and ensure that they can constantly represent your business, but it will also ensure that your employee’s dress is cohesive and that customers can easily find a member of staff to share their queries or concerns with. Spend some time carefully thinking about whether uniforms should be an option for your business. 

  • Consider Social Media

Rather than allowing all the responsibility for social media to rest on your shoulders, you should also consider encouraging your employees to share your business’s social media posts. You can do this by creating fun posts that involve them, including pictures of them, or suggesting that they take over the company’s social media for a day or two. 

You should also talk to them about the importance of your brand’s social media posts and try to get them excited and passionate about your business and the products that you offer. By encouraging them to share your company’s social media posts, you will ensure that the word gets out about your business to their larger groups of friends and acquaintances you might not have previously been able to reach. 

So instead of seeing your employees as separate from your brand marketing, you should try to get them involved in any way possible, even if this is passive. From uniforms to custom water bottles, there are many ways that you can ensure that your employees are raising awareness of your brand at all times.

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