Tips On How To Choose The Right Plus Size Mannequins

plus size mannequins

As a brick-and-mortar store owner, we’re sure you understand the importance of investing in mannequins. But what about full size or plus size mannequins? How often do you use these displays to showcase your in-store products? Unlike the regular manikins you see out there, full size dummies come with something extra in tea of their width or height. Manufacturers specifically designed them for larger-sized women and men.

You certainly need plus size dummies to display your products and give large-sized people a better insight into how certain products will look on them. In the rest of this post, you’ll find a few tips on how to shop for Valentino’s plus size mannequins.

Consider these factors when buying full size mannequins

When shopping for suitable full size mannequins for your in-store products, you need to consider a few factors, such as quality, safety, purpose, and your brand image. Let’s take these factors one at a time, and see how they can influence your choice:

1.   Quality

Irrespective of the type of brick-and-mortar store you run, one important thing is that you need to select premium plus size mannequins for sale. High-quality dummies aren’t necessarily expensive. This is especially true if you buy these products from the right company, such as Valentino’s Display.

A plus size dummy is of high quality if it comes with a reliable fiberglass material. According to studies, fiberglass is durable and comes with natural strength. This explains why this material is a perfect choice for mannequins.

Another thing you need to consider is how secure your products will be after displaying them on the selected dummies. In this case, our advice is that you should only opt for plus size dummies with a wide base. The presence of a wider base will provide the artificial doll with much-needed stability and control.

2.   Purpose and brand image

Another thing to need to consider before buying a plus size mannequin is your purpose. Why exactly are you buying the dummy? Are you purchasing it to engage your customers and let them know how a new product will fit them? If yes, then we’ll advise that you go for realistic mannequins.

Another thing that matters when shopping for full-body dummies is your brand image. Ensure you go for mannequins that go hand in hand with your store’s image.

3.   Your audience

The primary reason you’re investing in a full size mannequin is that you’re looking to promote your in-store products to large-sized men and women. Since that’s the case, you need to factor in your audience when buying these displays. One way to do that is by going for dummies with different poses. Apart from poses, you should also consider choosing different types of plus-size displays, including headless mannequins and realistic types.

Where to find plus size mannequins?

Unlike the regular mannequins you find out there, plus size products are rare to come by. If you reside in the UK, one of the few platforms you can visit to find the highest-quality plus size mannequins is Valentino’s Display. Apart from quality, this platform also offers realistic full-body dummies with a wide base.

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