Talk Through A Monitor Via Video Conferencing Software

Video Conferencing Software

If you want to have frequent meetings with people who are far away, it is convenient to be able to talk through a monitor via Video Conferencing Software instead of responding to them on a business trip every time. In this article, we will explain in detail the mechanism of the video conference system and its merits and demerits. We will also explain the differences between the web conference systems, so if you are considering introducing a video conference system, please refer to it by all means.

What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing is a conferencing mechanism called video conferencing. If you want to conduct a video conference, you need to be prepared for each place where you want to hold the meeting. In addition to preparing dedicated lines for communication such as ISDN, we will install dedicated equipment for conferences in conference rooms and other places.

 In a meeting, you can talk while listening to the other person’s situation and audio in real-time. In addition, there is also a function to share materials and write, so you can have specific meetings. In addition, if the necessary preparations are made between the parties to be meeting, it is possible to have a meeting at the same time as the person who is in multiple places, such as between three sites, not only between two sites.

 Video Conferencing System

There are three main things you need to do in a video conference. For communicating your situation to others: camera, microphone, etc. For checking the situation of the other party: TV monitor, speaker, etc.

Virtual Conference Platforms exchange information between bases: dedicated terminals for control, etc. For a typical video conference, the camera should be placed near a TV monitor or in the center of a table. In addition, the microphone can be a flat tire or a headset type that is easy to pick up everyone’s voice.

 When exchanging video and audio in a video conference, you need to control it so that the conversation doesn’t break down. Therefore, in the dedicated terminal, when information is transmitted, it is compressed and returned to the original as soon as the information arrives.

The distinction between online conferences and video conferences

The distinction between online conferences and video conferences is explained in the following article, so if you want to know more, please also see this article.

From a system perspective, there is a big difference between video conferencing and web conferencing. A web conference is a conference that is held using an Internet connection, such as a personal computer. Web conferencing can be done not only on personal computers but also on smartphones and tablets.

After you log in with dedicated software and apps, you connect to a server for meetings. The ease of communication depends on the situation of the server, but there is a feature that allows it to communicate immediately as long as there is a network. If you have materials on your PC, you will be able to easily share and talk.

On the other hand, in the case of video conferencing, the terminals of the person to be met are directly connected. Stable communication is possible because both the receiver and the sender of the information use a line at the same speed.

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