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Petoi Nybble: A Similar Robot Cat Like Sox In The Disney “Lightyear” Movie

Petoi Nybble and Sox Robotic Cat

The new Disney “Lightyear” movie has been out a few days and received a lot of  hype. But the reason behind all this hype is the Sox robot cat toy. Yes, you read that right.

Sox is the robot cat companion of Buzz Lightyear. It is a ginger and white robot cat that is designed to help Buzz perform all the tasks that he requires. Check out the trailer of the Lightyear movie to see the robot cat: 

Sox may be a robot, but it has its unique personality. Not just that, but he also gives his opinions to Buzz. Besides behaving like a real cat, it can also monitor Buzz’s health and play soothing sleeping sounds. Wouldn’t it be great to have a companion like Sox the robot cat?

There exists a real-life version of Sox and it is called Nybble robot cat from Petoi. It is an advanced programmable robot cat that is more than just a play toy but also provides educational learning. If you want to know more about Petoi Nybble, you should read this article till the end.

About Petoi Nybble Robot Cat

If you want the most realistic robot cat like Sox, Petoi Nybble is the one for you. Both Sox and Nybble robot cats are similar to each other. For example, they both are quadruped robots, which mean they can walk and run on all four legs. Not just that, the Nybble robot cat can be programmed to be as smart as Sox and performs various tasks.

Petoi Nybble Robotic Cat is the first of its kind. This quadruped robot can walk, run, balance, and even learn new tricks. It can also be programmed in your preferred languages such as C++ or Python.

It is an open-source robot that can be connected to Raspberry PI to add more powerful sensors for improved decision and perception. At the first glance, it may appear like a toy cat. But it is more than that.

The Nybble robot cat is an open-source robot kit that can be used for learning STEM and basic programming. It could be a great way to teach your kids about coding and programming from a young age.

This robot cat is equipped with an Arduino board compatible with a microcontroller. This enables the cat to move around freely. You can get an idea of its movement from this video clip here:

Petoi Nybble

Petoi Nybble Cat Features

The main features of Nybble Robot Cat include the following:

  • 3D Puzzle solving

It arrives as a 3D puzzle with a wooden framework. Before you start playing with your robot cat, you need to assemble it from scratch. Just follow the instruction manual and you will be good to go.

  • Arduino board

It is equipped with an Arduino Uno compatible microcontroller which stores muscle memory that helps the cat with its advanced motion.

  • Quadruped design

It features a quadruped design and behaves like a real-life cat. It is one of the most advanced robot cats  you will find on the market today.  It can really walk like a cat on four legs instead of rolling with wheels.

Advantages of Owning The Petoi Nybble Robot Cat

Petoi Nybble Robot Cat makes the perfect companion in your STEM/robotics learning adventure. It is designed for both fun and learning.

  • It can walk and run on four legs. It can also balance itself.
  • You can teach it new tricks via coding.
  • Equipped  with a Raspberry Pi and a microphone module, one can program Nybble to  control with short voice commands like “turn right,” “sit,” etc.
  • It is not as expensive as other conventional robots.
  • It can be a great gift for kids, geeks and engineers.
  • You can use it for STEM and robotics education.

Petoi Nybble robot cat is the closest thing you can get to Sox robot cat. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider Nybble as the real-life version of Sox.

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