Ovulation induction – A road to happiness

For ages, human beings have wished to reproduce and increase the likes of their species. It has been associated with ethics and cultures to the extent that people go to any length to ensure they procreate. It is believed to give the greatest happiness to a female as it is only females who have this god-gift of giving birth. However, many times, females face challenges and difficulties in bearing babies and get disappointed when they are unable to conceive. Medical advancement has come to their rescue by introducing techniques like ovulation induction. This is a medical solution wherein infertility is treated by inducing the release of eggs from the ovary.

Although it may sound like interfering with nature, the fact is that if through medical intervention, a couple is blessed with a baby, there is no harm in challenging nature. When medicines stimulate the discharge of eggs to induce pregnancy, the female has to undergo procedures as a part of the treatment.

What is ovulation?

Ovulation is a natural process of issuing an ovule, also called an egg, during a female’s menstrual cycle. The process is controlled and monitored by the hormones in the ovaries. However, when a female body is unable or incompetent to produce an egg naturally, medical intervention is required. There can be several reasons for this incompetency. 

Who needs this treatment?

Ovulation can be induced in any female who is not able to become pregnant naturally. This process may be required in the case of females suffering from hormonal imbalance, menstrual disorders such as PCOS or even due to consumption of medication leading to inhibition of the production of eggs. 

How is this treatment done?

A procedure to stimulate the production of an egg in the female ovary, along with intrauterine insemination or IUI, is initiated. Under these conditions, it is likely that the female shall be able to ovulate. 

How is the treatment beneficial?

Opting for inducing the ovulation will have several benefits for the females:

  • Helps to produce one or more eggs which can be fertilized.
  • Increases the rate of production of eggs in the ovary in the long run.
  • Improvement in quantity and quality of ovulation.
  • Removes the social stigma associated with the infertility in women.
  • Increase odds of producing a viable egg that can be fertilized.

While having problems in having ovulation and therefore becoming pregnant is a very common scenario these days, medical technology has intervened in manifold ways to reverse the scene. Thus it is not taboo to go in for a proper treatment for this condition. Rather than simply asking ovulation kya hota hai, get up and take initiative to ask these medical centres offering assistance in this regard. It may be possible that the solution is quite near and evident. You just need to look around with determination and a strong desire. Of course, the idea of a baby giggling in your arms is tempting enough to convince you to go in for induction of ovulation.

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