Necessity of Water Safety for School going kids and adults

water safety

Though the water is an important element on earth, it can be dangerous many times. Too much of anything can cause damage, so water safety is highly important for every individual especially among school going kids. Schools near Raiwind Road teach their kids to use precautions of water safety. 

Precautions for water safety do not only count when we play in or out water. It comes with too hot or too cold water. Water supply at homes, type of water intake and ice games. All are relatable and need more or less similar precautions to save kids from any accident. 

Water is a blessing, we all need water to quince our thirst, purify ourselves and drink lots of water. But by nature, all the elders, parents and mothers need to consider that all lil ones until they are grown ups need supervision for almost every matter and any water accident might cause the pain one never thought of. Water intake is essential for body growth, thin blood and urination to get rid of toxins. 

By the term water safety, it means that all the water involved activities need supervision for school going kids. Water safety is a common sense protection from any incident, mishap that may occur due to excess water. This may involve, bathing, swimming in a pool, bathing tubs, etc where water stands above the level of a small child.

When do we need water safety

We use bath robes and floor mats to avoid slipping on the floor, especially after mopping. Too much water level that excesses your respiratory system from above or makes you fall and lose control is where you need water safety. There are many incidents that occur on beaches, while surfing, diving and other kinds of water sports that are challenging yet risky for the beginners. 

School going kids need to be trained and taught about water safety. It is highly important and kids usually dont put so much attentio when they are in waters with friends. Small kids love to play in water in summer school and thus there are toys and equipment for kids to learn and play in water. But the adults and parents are the ones who need to supervise the kids. 

Anyhow, water safety is equally important for adults as well. Water sports are not for everyone, however it is better for water safety, and use complete knowledge to keep safe and avoid any accident.

Water safety equipments

So much equipment is now introduced for water safety, school going kids who play in pools and learn watersports should own their life vests. Those that are present there might be worn out and can be the cause of disease because of hygiene. Owning a life vest of one’s own is far better than using the public ones. 

School going kids like from Best Playgroup School in Lahore who are learning watersports or even playing water for fun, especially in summer, should be supervised by staff or parents. Even at home parents shouldn’t leave their child in bath tubs for a long while. It is extremely dangerous to leave toddlers and babies in water tubs, even for a moment. 

However there are schools that provide complete self protection training and explain how important it is to have water safety. 

Water needs to be safe and clean too

Water is our life time necessity. Apart from the blunders humans can make in water, it is also required that humans need to clean and safe water from polluting also wastage. Water is a vital component of life. It has an impact on both people and their surroundings. Water is used in regular tasks such as showering, using the bathroom, washing dishes, and cleaning around the household. It also keeps us hydrated and influences our interior activities including such digesting. Plants, animals, and humans would all perish without water. But, many do not have the luxury of having access to clean water. Millions of people around the world, including Nigeria and Pakistan, lack a supply of clean and secure water. The problem has even led to fatalities. Water is a necessity for people.

School going children should be taught by the teacher how important water is for life and how we should keep it neat and clean for our own use. Apart from the importance of water, the need for protection while standing in water has its own importance. There are multiple cases read and heard in the news where people have met accidents just because of slight carelessness and they were gulped down by water. 

Drinking water and clean water safety is highly important for humans. It is important to keep water protected and keep oneself protected from water accidents. Thus water is a blessing and curse, depending on how humans choose it.

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