Maintenance Tips for Cell Phones By Specialists of Cell Phone Repair in London


Mobile phones are vulnerable to dust and silt. Because high-end touchphones and other mobile devices are expensive, proper care and maintenance are critical.

Maintaining a mobile phone is similar to maintaining any other piece of technology. Cleaning and maintaining the phone properly increases its usefulness and allows it to operate as efficiently as possible.

However, it is common to wonder how to best care for a mobile device. While mobile phone covers keep your phone safe, tweaking the settings on some of the current devices may help with their slow performance.

You can do a few simple things to speed up your phone, increase its storage capacity, and extend its battery life. You may also be engaging in activities that shorten the life of your phone’s battery, such as constantly using your phone. These tips are curated by specialists in cell phone repair in London. Using these tips will help you increase the life of your mobile.

Maintenance Tips by Specialists in phone repair in London

Use of Glass Protector on Screen

A Tempered Glass Screen Protector is an excellent way to protect the screen from scratches and other damage. The majority of smartphone repairs are due to screen damage, which is the second most expensive component in a smartphone. You don’t want to inadvertently damage your phone’s display because the standard manufacturer warranty conditions don’t cover it. To protect it, use a high-quality tempered glass screen protector. We advise against using plastic film-based screen protectors because they can protect the display from scratches but not from falls.

You must apply the screen protector precisely to cover the entire screen. You don’t want any air bubbles or debris between the screen and the screen protector.

Do not charge it frequently.

According to specialists in phone repair in London, Ontario, Smartphones and charging technologies, in general, have not progressed as much as the battery has. Several smartphone manufacturers now offer charging methods that can provide up to 65 watts of power in just a few minutes. As a result, long-term battery health suffers. After a year or two of regular use of rapid charging methods, the battery’s capacity drops to 70-85 percent of what it was when new.

Each battery has a set number of charge cycles, and each time you connect and disconnect the charging wire, you use up one of those cycles. Use as few charging cycles as possible. The best way to recharge your smartphone is to charge it fully, then recharge it only when the battery level falls below 10%. Wait for the phone to charge completely after connecting the charger.

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While charging, do not put your phone in a case.

The voltage step-down feature activates when charging a phone, causing the device to heat up. This is why smartphones emit a little heat when charging. The phone must dissipate heat quickly, and if the phone is covered, heat cannot be dissipated quickly enough, causing the phone to overheat.

Professionals of cell phone and tablet repair emphasize that excess heat from charging phones beneath pillows has started fires, damaging mattresses, beds, and, in some cases, the users themselves. 

Maintain Cleanliness

A cover or screen protector will not prevent dust from entering your phone. If your phone is dusty, its performance suffers. Wipe your screen clean with a soft screen cleaning cloth and an appropriate screen cleaner. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth is required to keep your phone running smoothly.

Update your apps

According to experienced professionals of cell phone repair shops in London, Ontario, many pre-installed applications may be found on most smartphones. You probably don’t need them all. It’s a good idea to deactivate or remove any applications you no longer use to save battery life.

Make sure you’re constantly using the most recent version of the programs you utilize. New features, reduced resource utilization, and protection from malware and security risks are why app developers routinely update their programs.

Set your applications to update automatically or manually at least once every week as a general rule of thumb.

Get Rid of the Cache

Apps might leave trash files in your cache when installing or executing them. Regularly remove these files from your computer’s hard drive. Using this feature is possible on Android and iOS devices.

Consult the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section below for further information.

Is there a way to keep your Android smartphone running smoothly?

The most recent version of the software. You may use Samsung Device Maintenance to keep your Android phone running at its best. With a single push of the “Optimize Now” button, you’ll clear up space on your smartphone while the program scans for further problems.

Can I use my phone when it is plugged in?

Using your phone while it’s charging poses no risk. Overheating batteries are the source of this urban legend. A manufacturing error in a lithium-ion battery may be hazardous, although this is very unusual.

What is the ideal battery life for a mobile phone?

The gist of the matter. If you use it as directed, you can count on your brand-new smartphone battery to perform well for at least two or three year

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