How to Engage With Customers Better on Social Media

How to Engage With Customers Better on Social Media

Many people build their business on Instagram with two main goals: to convert more loyal customers and boost their sales. With the proper communication and promotion techniques, they can also have a higher chance of gaining Instagram followers free as well.

As you may know already, there’s the Instagram followers app you can use to boost your presence on this platform. You can try using Ins Followers, or other apps that work great to increase the numbers of followers and likes, thus making your account much more popular than before.

Aside from the Instagram followers hack, which isn’t a popular method, you can also try to use Instagram Ads.

Instagram Ads can bring benefits or losses to companies depending on their implementation. One of the successful strategies for serving Instagram ads is to hold the audience’s enthusiasm for the services or products you offer.

To do that, here’s what you can do:

How to Engage With Customers Better on Social Media

1. Make Followers Communicate and Discuss

This is also a great way to gain more free Instagram followers. The close interaction between the seller and the audience of Instagram ads will result in good progress for the company. The more Instagram users who like your product, the more likely they are to buy.

Practical steps you can take so that the communication link is not interrupted is to facilitate it. You can be a bridge that connects one follower with other followers. Good relationships between followers also have a good impact on your business’s Instagram account.

2. Cross-promote

Those of you who happen to do various social media marketing, including using Facebook, can cross-promote. Use your Facebook account to share new products or the latest promotions that your company offers. After that, see the progress. You can always do it even without using the Instagram followers app.

When the progress looks quite good and promising, do the same on other social media accounts. Cross-promotion is a method that many companies use to increase product sales. As a new entrepreneur, you should not hesitate to try it.

3. Apply Solid and Strong Colors

Advertising on Instagram makes someone feel interested in buying a product or using a service, depending on the visualization and message conveyed. So to get your Instagram ad gets the attention of the various social media users, create content with strong and solid color applications.

Choosing solid and strong colors will make your content look lively and lively. People who are usually reluctant to open ads will start to be interested in doing so.

4. Take Advantage of InstaStory Features

Another way you can do this is to use InstaStory. This step is quite popular in the field of digital marketing, especially social media advertising. That said, almost 100% of Instagram users see or just peek at the InstaStory that appears every day.

Although the impact is not as much as using influencers or attractive discount campaigns, this method is also worth trying, especially if the budget that the company has is not so much to hire the services of professionals.

5. Use Hashtags Well and Correctly

Instagram cannot be separated from the hashtag. When you post content or ads via Instagram, try to always add a supportive hashtag on a regular basis.

These hashtags make it easier for Instagram users to find the latest ads or content posts from your business Instagram account.


With all the methods mentioned above, we hope that you may get better engagement and traffic for the growth of your Instagram account. You can always use the Instagram followers hack, but you can do the natural ways instead since they are more rewarding.

Do the techniques consistently, and always be humble to your customers. Excellent service will always result in excellent sales!

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