How to Buy Weed Guide: 4 Rules for New Weed Buyers

Purchasing weed for the first time can be a little stressful. It gets more stressful and confusing when you are told to get good-quality weed. To be honest, there is no better advice than “get a good quality weed”. It is because smoking bad quality weed is injurious to health, it causes health issues such as dry mouth, headache, anxiety, and depression. Therefore, it’s super important to purchase weed carefully.

Got even more confused, need help? Here are the 4 rules for new weed buyers that would help you in getting a top-quality weed home.

  • Avoid purchasing online, shop in person
  • Purchase it from a licensed trusted dealer
  • Smell and feel the weed
  • Judge it by the appearance

Avoid purchasing online, shop in person

It’s important to know that you can purchase weed online as well as in person. Shopping for things online seems more feasible but when it comes to weed it’s not a good idea. Therefore, you should refrain from shopping for weed online. Take a stroll around and shortlist a few options.

Purchase it from a licensed trusted dealer

Since the demand for weed is quite high, it is being sold at multiple dispensaries. It is important to understand that to get good quality weed at its price, you should purchase it from a well-trusted licensed dealer. To find a trusted licensed dealer, search online and take referrals from your friends, family, and acquaintances. Give preference to the dealer or dispensary your loved one trusts.

Smell and feel the weed

Even if you are purchasing the weed from a licensed well trusted supplier/dispensary, do not trust blindly. You should always have to judge the quality of the weed. The quality of weed can be judged by a few things, however, smelling and feeling the weed is enough to tell whether it’s good or bad.

The top-grade weed would feel sticky and somewhat spongy in your hand. However, the poor-quality weed would be dried and it usually has no stickiness or sponginess. You should smell the weed well, the weed that is worth smoking has an earthy, herbal, and woody smell. The bad-quality weed has a musty straw-like aroma. Say yes to the weed that feels sticky/spongey and has a fresh grass or hay-like smell.

Judge it by the appearance

If the weed smell and feel right, you have to judge it by its look. The weed must have flowers looking fresh and healthy like i purchased weed online in Ontario They also need to have a vibrant array of colors such as deep green, orange, red, purple, and blue. Moreover, its trichomes have a frosty appearance. If the weed appears discolored and trichomes have an amber hue appearance, avoid purchasing it.


First-time weed buyers should purchase carefully. It is better to purchase the weed in-person as it is easier to feel, smell, and judge the weed by it’s appearance. Make sure the seller is licensed, otherwise you would end up getting a poor quality weed.

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