How Organizations Can Make Use of Translation in Their Next Event

Organizations Can Make Use of Translation

The effectiveness of translation depends not only on the competence and professional qualities of the translator but no less on the proper organization of the event where such translation is needed. This means that your company and the translators themselves must prepare in advance for the upcoming event. The success of the event as a whole largely depends on this.

Where and when will the event take place?

Your organization should find out information about the venue of the event. The answer to this question will largely determine the working conditions of the translator and the tasks for the translation company. In addition, the time that a translator has to prepare for work depends on the question “when”, so it is also critical. A sufficient margin of time will allow you to select a suitable interpreter who can work at the event. If the interpreter will work at a closed event or in a closed location, it will take time for him to get a pass. If he will work in another country, it will take time to obtain a visa and to get the necessary vaccinations.

Preparing for major events

For the upcoming work at a large-scale event, the technical preparation of translators and equipment is important. Depending on how large it will be, different equipment may be used which must be installed and configured in advance. Therefore, when performing simultaneous translation at a large event with many participants, complex hardware systems are used, including monitors, microphones, headphones, and effective interpreting booths, which help in holding public events with the participation of simultaneous interpreters. The presence of a soundproof cabin for synchronists, sufficient area for comfortable accommodation of two people. 

Comfortable chairs and a monitor should be placed in this cabin the presentations of the speakers will be duplicated. If it is not possible to place a monitor, the simultaneous interpreter’s booth should give him a good view of the screen with the presentation. In any case, the interpreter must additionally be provided with printouts of all presentations, preferably in advance.

When preparing for a business translation at a particular event, specialists study the composition of its participants and take into account their characteristics. It’s no secret that different people have different ideas of what a translation should be, and it’s important to ensure that your organization’s expectations are met.

Requirements for interpreters at events

Your organization should place a lot of responsibility and demands on translators when hiring. The most crucial of these requirements is the highest level of professionalism. The specialist should not only have an excellent command of the languages but also understand the subject of the upcoming event. Simultaneous interpreters must have a well-delivered speech and a developed memory. Only in this case, they will be able to translate the phrases spoken by the participants of the event quickly and correctly. In this case, the interpretation will be well perceived by the ear.

It was mentioned above that during simultaneous translation at major events, specialized equipment is most often used. Another requirement for translators seems quite logical: they must confidently use such equipment, be able to adjust the equipment, and eliminate certain problems that arise when using it.

Seek help from professionals to prepare for your next event

The provision of translation services at major events should be attributed with maximum responsibility. It is imperative to find a well-organized staff of highly professional translators, who are able to provide impeccable translation even at the most important event. You, as a client, can count not only on high-quality translation but also on advantages, such as individuality, confidentiality, and manufacturability. Contact specialists who are confirmed by quality certificates, including documents indicating compliance with European or American standards.

In conclusion

So, you are sure that your organization needs professional translation when holding large-scale events: conferences, symposiums, negotiations, exhibitions, and others. All of them have different features and impose different requirements on translators participating in events. These were basic recommendations. They will make the process of preparing for the next event clearer, and you will not miss anything vital. Well, if something unexpected or unpleasant does happen that over time this will be remembered as another instructive episode in the treasury of experience. 

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