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How Instagram followers can be used to measure social media success?

Getting likes, comments, and shares on your Instagram posts is great. But you probably wonder: Are these metrics worth it?

As a business or brand owner, you should keep an eye on the things that really matter. No idea what to measure, exactly?

This blog will help you find out:

How to use Instagram followers to measure the key metrics for your account?

And, whether to buy Instagram followers to grow on Instagram. 

Let’s get started.

Most Important Instagram Metrics to Measure

Follower Growth Rate

The follower growth rate shows how fast your account is gaining or losing followers. While some may argue that follower count is a vanity metric, follower growth rate indicates how well your Instagram content is doing.

If you see steady growth in your follower count, it is a healthy signal that people are engaging with your posts and finding them valuable.

More followers mean more people are seeing your posts, and hence discovering your brand. You can buy Instagram followers to fuel your instagram follower growth rate.

It is one of the most effective marketing strategies used by mainstream brands, influencers, and businesses to fast-track their brand’s growth.

On average, an Instagram account sees a follower growth rate of 1.29% every month. If you are hitting that benchmark, then give yourself a tap on the back. If you aren’t, then you need to revisit your content marketing strategy.

Reach and Reach Rate

Reach is a better metric to measure your Instagram performance compared to impressions. It refers to the number of users who have seen your post. Impressions, on the other hand, define the number of views of your post.

If the same person views your post 3 times, this will count as 3 impressions but only 1 reach.

Reach rate is another vital metric for gauging Instagram and social media performance. You can get the reach rate for your post by dividing the total reach of that post number by the number of followers of your account and multiplying the result by 100.

Reach rate = (Toal reach/number of followers) x 100

You can dramatically increase the reach of your content if you Buy 2500 Instagram Views UK  for your content. As your posts get more views, the algorithms will push them to more accounts organically.

The average reach rate for big accounts is 12% for posts and 2% for stories. 

Engagement by Follower

As a content creator, you never want your followers to see your posts and scroll-past through them. It will lead to lower impressions and as a result, lower engagements and a drop in follower growth.

Therefore, follower engagement is a vital component of your Instagram marketing strategy. This metric gives you the average number of times your content gets engagements by your followers. 

You simply have to divide the number of engagements your content is getting every month by the number of followers. You then have to multiply this number by 100.

Here is how to calculator your follower engagement rate:

Engagement Follower rate = (Number of engagements/number of followers) x 100

You can boost your follower engagements if you buy Instagram likes from a trusted social media marketing company. 

Engagement by Reach

This metric gives you the percentage of people who have consumed your content and engaged with it in some way (like, comment, or share). This also includes those who don’t follow your account yet but have seen your ads, stories, or reels. 

You can get engagement by reach by dividing the total engagement by the total number of followers your content reached. Multiply that number by 100.

Let’s say your Instagram story reached 800 people and got 100 engagements, then engagement by reach is 12.5%. A 5% or greater rate is a decent number for an average account.

To help boost your engagement, consider optimizing your profile with an Instagram profile viewer. Get inspiration from popular accounts and create a professional IG profile picture that represents your brand and your mission.

Website Traffic

Social media has been increasingly used to drive traffic to websites and online stores. Whether you have an e-commerce store, sell digital courses, or have a brick-and-mortar business; taking users from social apps to websites should be your prime goal.

Depending on the nature of your business and marketing goals, you can use this website traffic to generate leads, get more email newsletter sign-ups, or simply make more sales.  

A key advantage of taking social users to your website is that you can build your personalized email lists. An email list is a database of users that are interested in your product or service, and have given you their email addresses.

Since an email is a personal point of contact, your email subscribers are your loyal fans and will keep buying from you for a long time. 

Story Engagement

58% of users said they became interested in a brand after watching its stories. So, this is a very key Instagram metric to keep an eye on. Shares, likes, and profile views are all important signals to tell you how popular your stories are.

Here is how to calculate your story engagement rate:

  • Once you have posted a story on your account, you can click on the eye icon to see which accounts have seen your stories.
  • Clicking on the graph icon will tell you the number of shares, replies, profile visits, and sticker clicks.
  • Divide the story reach by the number of followers to get the story engagement rate. 
  • Or, you can divide the total number of interactions by the total reach and multiply that by 100. Either way, you can get the number to see if your stories are resonating with your audience or not.

Reels Shares

Instagram reels are exploding right now. With the rising craze for short vertical videos, reels seem to be the leading content format on the app with the most views, likes, and shares.

Reel shares are the most important signal of engagement compared to reel likes, and comments. The reason is that it can potentially push your videos to more users on the platform, gaining more reach, likes, and followers.

The reels are powerful because users normally see reels from accounts they don’t follow. It allows brands and businesses to reach new users and grow their brand awareness.

Final Words:

In this blog, we have discussed how Instagram followers can be used to measure social media success. While you may be swept away by a bunch of void metric that don’t matter for your business, the metrics covered here will help you achieve your goals with the marketing efforts.

 Writer’s Bio:

Azeem Ahmad is an avid digital marketer, guest blogger, and content writer with extensive experience writing about social media marketing, search engine optimization, inorganic marketing strategies, and lead generation. Besides writing, he enjoys playing table tennis, reading blogs, and surfing the internet. 

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