How do side shields attach to glasses?

As per the latest certified ANSI standard, side shields are compulsory for protective eyewear. Side shields are additional attachments with sides of protective specs for better safety of eyes. Besides, side shields are attached to the protective eyewear to prevent foreign particles covering metal, wood, and liquid from the eyes. Side shields are of two types, permanent and clip-on side shields. You need to choose one before order prescription glasses online.

  • Permanent side shields:

Permanent side shields are fixed with the frame temple that is also known as a t-lock. The side shield is locked with the temple that cannot be detached. The chief benefit of permanent side shields is that employees unable to take off-side protections from protective eyewear. Thus these extra protections ensure compliance and protection.

  • Removable side shields:

Removable side shields mean they are not permanently attached to the protective eyewear. The key advantage of these side protections is for those workers who wear prescription eyewear that can easily remove. Thus they can use such types of safety glasses off duty as well. Today safety glasses frames are too stylish that no one can differentiate between street specs and safety eyewear frames. Therefore, many people prefer removable side shields so that they can wear them when out of the work. But employees don’t like removable side shields because workers often either remove them or even lost them. And if workers will work without side shields, they don’t comply with certified protection.

While trying to plan which choice is better while buying online Eyeglasses. You need to think about compliance, protection, and can use after off duty. Besides, you need to ensure that you have a certified side shield mark with the current ANSIZ 87 certification. If your side shield is not appropriately marked, it means not satisfying protective standards because it will not deliver enough safety to your eyes.

Requirement of side shields for work glasses:

Prescription safety eyewear serves an essential function means two in one. First, shield your eyes from unexpected mishaps and similarly give crystal clear vision due to prescription lenses.

The permanent site is also essential for prescription safety eyewear. Whether you have safety concerns for the worksite or performing homemade tasks, prescription safety glasses with side shields are crucial.

No protective eyewear is available in a different form, variety, and shape. Even you can find prescription safety goggles are also available in various styles. So, you can prefer prescription goggles if your work nature demands them. But many people enhance their looks and comfort with safety glasses.

The latest safety eyewear is designed to copy modern designs of regular glasses. But they have similar protective requirements and impact resistance is crucial for eyes protection when you are around a challenging and dangerous environment. Wraparound frame style offers wide coverage, and thus they have a modern style and sleek design. They are mostly used in sports sunglasses, whether with prescription or non-prescription lenses. For a traditional look, choose flat lens spectacles because this choice is popular for prescription eyewear. Make sure, you have selected best place to buy glasses online. Besides, trivex and polycarbonate lenses are the best substitutes for glass or regular plastic to offer superior durability and impact resistance. However, prescription safety eyewear also comes in plastic or metal. And the good thing is that you can get every frame style for different types of lenses for regular eyewear.

But, the downside of the safety glasses with flat surface lenses is less coverage area for lenses. With best-fit wraparound and safety goggles provide you with a 100% view area. But flat lens safety glasses shield only the front side of the eyes. Thus sides of eyeglasses pose fine particles, flying particles, dirt, dust, and many more pollutants.

Therefore, safety eyewear with a side shield has a significant role. Side shields offer extra safety and extended coverage from those places that normally traditional eyewear doesn’t. Mostly transparent and impact-resistance plastic removable side shields vividly lower the threat of unprotected areas around your eyes. Besides, these shields maintain a high standard of safety glasses and the appearance of frame style.

Side shields come in two types mean permanent and removable designed. Removable shields are attached temporarily with the safety glasses while working near hazardous workplaces. But for some cases, removable side shields are not suitable according to the threat of the task. You can lose or misplace shields, and it is the biggest threat to the eyes. Therefore, for both legal and safety reasons, it doesn’t allow workers to remove them. In these situations, permanent side shields are compulsory as per work requirements.

How to fix side shields with protective safety glasses?

However, it is a little tricky to fix side shields with your safety glasses, and also depends on their type. Whether you have an option to install side shields with sunglasses or prescription safety eyewear, eye safety is a critical part of maintaining safety when you are on duty.

But there is no rocket science to fix side shields with safety glasses because they are the crucial part of PPE in many industries like manufacturing and construction. These special side shields are made by different brands and can easily line up with all types of safety glasses that don’t have side protection.

Don’t go with the cheap and low-standard side shields because it is a matter of eye safety. You need to ensure for ANSI Z87.1 safety standard for impact side shielding. Besides, side shields are available in different colors, sizes, and models.

You can buy shields separately or in a compliance kit. All side shield is designed in the USA. And the good thing is that side shields can block 99% of dangerous ultraviolet rays. Thus your eyes will stay protected from multiple angles. Besides, whether you want to purchase them individually or in a pack, they come in various tints.

The adjustment of the side shield is pretty convenient and doesn’t require any type of expertise.

  • For larger frames, side shields should be slightly small than the frame size.
  • For average frames, make sure the side shields are smaller than the frame size and install them.
  • For smaller frames, closed shields are also smaller than a frame for easy installment.

After selecting appropriate side shields as your frame size, they need slight adjustment for an ideal fit. The exclusive hinges allow convenient adjustment from small to larger frames. You should know your frame size if you are buying via an online source like Eyeweb. Com. If you don’t know about your frame size, Eyeweb help you out for selecting the frame size.

Process of mounting side shields with best safety glasses:

Follow these easy steps;

  • Open the left temple and insert the side shield with the larger loop in the left shield.
  • Hold frame firmly, securely stretch bend outside, and then slowly fit in the required grooves and rear tab.
  • Check the alignment of the side shields if they are at the center of the frame temple. Now repeat this step with the right side as well.
  • Now side shields are attached to the front of the temple that can easily fold without the moving of side shields.


Installing removable side shields on both temples of safety glasses can prevent foreign particles into the eyes. They come in different sizes as per frame size for added protection from foreign agents to eyes.

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