How Automation Can Improve Lab Accuracy & Agility

COVID-19 has rattled the clinical community. Challenges from vaccine creation and improvement via elevated testing to persevering with studies amid worldwide delivery shortages were all a part of the disruption the pandemic caused. As a result, researchers confirmed the need for innovation and better agility. Times are changing, and we have to be organized.

The pandemic has made it more important to streamline and automate the different preclinical research tactics. It additionally warns us to be ready for delivery line failures. These approaches can help with the development of the latest drug treatments and vaccines.

Accelerating improvement comes all the way down to the designing and the usage of more efficient automation solutions. These answers, at the side of smarter gadgets and new consumable paradigms, assist most researchers’ needs.

Knowing how and when you should apply particular instruments and assets requires people to be strategic about using consumables, such as plastic tips. Tip demand was elevated all through the pandemic because the delivery of tips has been decreased by way of delivery chain issues. For a few workflows, plastic tips are non-negotiable. Recent tip shortages along with the new reality that tips are not equal (a few do not bring high satisfaction or lack compatibility with specific gadgets) have led scientists to rethink their liquid strategy.

Some workflows can use gadgets with constant tips – for example, workflows wherein washing the tips is more than enough. In a few cases, putting liquid handlers along with bulk fillers can lessen tip use provided the reagent is not uncommon to all wells.


Sometimes tipless answers can be preferable, in particular for complicated transfers or for miniaturization. One such tool makes use of sound waves to transport liquids. Focused acoustic power from a transducer to the lowest of a source well of a microtiter plate causes a droplet of liquid to eject from it. The droplet travels some centimeters and lands withinside the favored well of an inverted travel plate. This approach reduces the requirements for dilution plates, removes the requirements for tips, can lessen reagent utilization by more than 90%, and might permit transfers to masses of wells.

To make certain that a suitable quantity of power is used and the point of interest is maintained, the machine first audits every character properly to determine fluid intensity and the simple nature of the fluid. This plate audit method makes use of low-energy acoustic pulses (just like medical ultrasound) to disturb and file the consequences of sound with regard to the fluid. It takes milliseconds. After the auditing, the acoustic transducer then looks at every character supply properly with the power to eject a droplet (with volumes as little as 2.5 nL). Droplets are ejected at 500 droplets with 2d to quickly accommodate a range from nanoliter (nL) to microliter (μL). Liquid from any supply well may be directed to any destination well without hassles. Different liquids withinside the supply plate can be pooled right into an unmarried well. The whole audit and switch procedure takes a couple of minutes and is consistent with moist and dry destination plates in 96-, 384-, and 1536- well formats.

One major benefit of acoustics in miniaturized experiments is the discounting of risk. Experimental mistakes because of solvent fluctuations and inaccuracies that can come from pipetting tiny volumes are lowered. Researchers have observed that compounds can stick with plastic. This might not be recognized for larger, 96-well assays, however, whilst miniaturizing to 384- and 1536-well microplates, the mathematics changes. The relative floor place of a tip will increase as compared to the extent the top contains. This approach means that energetic additives may be misplaced from the assay to the top.

In the end, and particularly in miniaturization, it’s the amount of compound added instead of an extent that is most important. Acoustic liquid helps with coping with those concerns. For more info:

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