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XianXing beauty is a Chinese fake nails manufacture company. Possessing the most up-to-date technologies in the production of fake nails, it has been a leader in the field of fake nails for many years.


The main difference between XianXing beauty’s products and other products is that it is based on the natural structure of nails, cuticles and hands. XianXing beauty fake nails make nails strong and beautiful without disturbing their structure, while taking care of cuticles and hands. This is the basis of XianXing beauty’s success – highly effective fake nails with a unique formula!

XianXing beauty’s fake nails have been recognized as the best in the “The Best” category several times. The position of  XianXing fake nails is very strong in many markets of the world, and in some of them it is a leader.

Our company is engaged in the production and sale of professional materials for fake nails application, as well as a variety of fake nails.

Our fake nails are of high quality and have affordable prices. The latest technologies used in production allow the nails created with the help of Nail Fashion products to always look natural and natural.

Nail design can be quite a fun activity if you use such bright and interesting materials as a fake nails set from XianXing beauty.

The beginning of a new season always promises updates in style and appearance. And although the arrival of autumn can cause a slight sadness, there is always the opportunity to delay the bright summer mood a little. If you use a colorful manicure on your nails for this.


The fake nails must not develop any tension on the nail after sticking, so it is important to select the right size beforehand and adjust the fake nail correctly. The nail tip should line up with the natural nail on the left and right without applying pressure. Before the fake nail can be glued to the natural nail, it must be freed from the excess cuticle and all gel residues from the old model must be removed. Sufficient amounts of our special Glue are now placed on the specified adhesive surface.

The fake nail is now attached with the adhesive edge at a 90° angle to the fingernail, at the tip of the nail and placed so that it closes laterally and is also straight to the natural nail. Now slowly lower the fake nail onto the natural nail so that the nail glue can be distributed properly and no air bubbles form. The slow draining gives the glue time to spread so that no air bubbles form. Hold it briefly and press lightly when the fake nail is in the correct position. Excess nail glue can simply be wiped off with a cellulose pad.

When all fake nails have been attached to the natural nails, the nail tips of fake nails are shortened to the desired length with the tip cutter. The transition to the natural nail is then carefully filed with our nail file.

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