Cost estimation for paving a Northampton driveway

When constructed properly, driveways may be a genuinely fantastic feature for a home. Paving is another of the most popular driveway design trends. This article was created to offer you a general sense of Northampton’s average driveway paving cost estimates.

When constructed properly, driveways may be a genuinely fantastic feature for a home. Paving is another of the most popular driveway design trends. This article was created to offer you a general sense of Northampton’s average driveway paving cost estimates.

You want to increase curb appeal while reducing ongoing upkeep, whether you have a large driveway or a little off-street parking space to maintain. It’s generally a good idea to seek quotations from many local driveway experts when discussing driveway paving costs so you can compare expenses.

Costs and components for paving in Northampton

  • Driveway block paving costs £3,511 every 51 m2.
  • Paving bricks (£61 per m2)
  • Driveway made of concrete ($31 per m2)
  • An asphalt driveway costs £45. (per m2).

Paving block materials

  • Blocks made of clay (£71 per m2)
  • Blocks made of concrete (£21 per m2)
  • Blocks of natural stone ($51 per m2)

How much does paving a driveway cost?

One of the most popular options for British homes is block paving. You may select the perfect pavement to fit your property among the many different types and colours available. Brick driveway paving typically costs around £81 per square metre.

If you’re considering block paving for your driveway, it would cost approximately £4,251 to pave 51m2. Depending on the materials employed. Paving a driveway with concrete blocks would cost approximately £41 per square metre. Blocks of natural stone cost about £81 per square metre. Alternatively, we estimate the cost of paving a driveway with clay blocks to be about £85 per square metre.

Factors influencing driveway paving costs

Your driveway’s final cost will vary depending on a variety of variables, such as:

  • size of the driveway
  • Shape or design complexity of the driveway
  • the kind and calibre of the materials employed
  • Any digging or preparation necessary?
  • What city do you call home?

It’s critical to comprehend what is and isn’t included in price estimations for your paving driveway prices. It’s simple to estimate the price on the driveway’s square footage, but ask your local driveway experts to give you a thorough breakdown of prices and optional extras.

You’ll need to take factors like potential excavation requirements into account. And on top of the base pricing, additional finishes like borders or other treatments could be paid.

Costs of paving an asphalt driveway

As opposed to paving, an asphalt driveway (often referred to as tarmac) will run you roughly £61 per square metre. Asphalt is fantastic since it is very simple to lay and performs admirably as a driveway material. Nevertheless, it needs upkeep and will probably require resurfacing every few years.

Cost of a concrete driveway

Concrete is another alternative for your driveway because it is a very strong and long-lasting material, making it the best option for a driveway. Concrete driveways can actually last for decades without much maintenance. A concrete driveway will install for about £51 per m2 instead of asphalt.

Cost of driveway paving materials

You should determine how many blocks you’ll need if you plan to get the materials or build the driveway yourself. Adding 11% for waste ensures you have enough blocks to complete the project, therefore it is always a good idea.

  • An average m2 of concrete blocks costs between £21 and £61.
  • An average m2 of clay blocks costs between £71 and £111.
  • Blocks of natural stone cost from £51 and £115 per square foot.

The advantages of paving driveways

At the end of the day, your decision about the driveway’s material will frequently be influenced by your own preferences and the design of your home. However, if you’re unsure and want to know why you should pick paving, here are some justifications:

simple to maintain

Block paving won’t need much upkeep and is excellent at withstanding the elements. Take advantage of a strong driveway that is simple to maintain by keeping it clean with soap and water.


Paving is made to stand the test of time and is also simple to maintain (and pressure). A few cars are no problem for a paved driveway because block paving is so sturdy that it can endure the pressure of an aeroplane. Block pavement endures little damage and is resistant to the majority of chemicals, oils, salts, and frosts.


With so many colours and designs to choose from, finding driveway pavement that matches the style you want is simple. If you have extremely precise ideas for the colour, design, or arrangement of the pavement, you can even customise it.

simple to repair

One benefit of having a paved driveway is that repairs are simple to perform. The broken bricks or blocks are simply replaced if they become damaged. Since the entire driveway doesn’t need to be redone, maintenance is easy and inexpensive.

paving a driveway check list

  • Choosing the colour and type of the pavement for your driveway will be one of the main obstacles.
  • If any excavation work is required for your driveway project, get in touch with your neighbourhood council.
  • To acquire precise estimates and comprehensive pricing for paving your driveway, speak with nearby driveway specialists.
  • Look around for reasonable and competitive driveway paving pricing.
  • Always go with an experienced paver and request samples of their prior work.

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