Colosseum Tickets Online and How to Skip the Line in Sistine Chapel – All you need to know!

Colosseum Tickets Online and How to Skip the Line in Sistine Chapel - All you need to know!

Around 4 million people visit the Colosseum each year, making it one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions. Along with the Vatican, the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and many others, it is an absolute must-see on any trip to Rome. 

So, lets learn more about how to buy Colosseum tickets online!

Buy your Colosseum Tickets Online

You may save time and energy by purchasing your Colosseum tickets in advance online, allowing you to spend your vacation taking in the sights of the Eternal City rather of standing in long lines or trying to figure out how to get from one attraction to another. 

To what extent do you recommend planning ahead for your Colosseum visit? 

Short answer: yes!

  • Tickets for the Colosseum may be ordered in advance and sent to your mailbox.
  • Ticket purchases may be made online and printed at home. 
  • There will be no need to spend time in line at the box office. 
  • You may visit whenever you’d like without worrying about fighting crowds if you plan beforehand. 

You may avoid the long lines that are an inevitable feature of visiting any major site by purchasing your Colosseum tickets in advance online at a little premium. 

Keep in mind that even with your advance purchase, you’ll still need to go through security, but hopefully in much less time. 

Having Colosseum tickets, would it be possible to bypass the lines? 

In a word, yes. The Colosseum has separate entrances for those who purchased tickets in advance and those who purchased them at the gate. If you buy tickets in advance, you may skip the lines and enter the venue considerably faster than walk-ups. It’s best to spend as little time in lines as possible during the summer months in Rome, when temperatures may soar. 

Where can I get tickets to the Colosseum? 

That’s right, click this link! is an authorised seller of authentic Colosseum tickets. In less than 5 minutes, you may have your tickets in hand after booking them on our site. 

Children’s admissions are cheaper, and English-language audio tours are also offered. 

Colosseum Ticket Prices

All ticket prices to the Colosseum are shown here. You may avoid waiting in line, pick the day and time of your visit, and ensure that you will have a ticket regardless of how many people plan to see the Colosseum on any given day by purchasing your tickets in advance online, although this comes at a little premium due to the booking charge. 

What is the Colosseum entrance fee?

  • Colosseum Standard adult ticket – 16.00€
  • Prices for children (0-17) at the Colosseum start at 6.00€
  • Colosseum Adult ticket + Audioguide (English) – 26.00€
  • Colosseum Child ticket + Audioguide (English) – 12.00€

We advise getting an audioguide if you are not going to be taking a guided tour of the Colosseum (link to Tours page). After two millennia and a birthplace that was once the centre of the world’s most powerful empire, the Colosseum has seen and heard it everything. 

Expert explanations of the monument’s most significant elements and its history will enrich your visit and make it more memorable. 

How to Skip the Line Sistine Chapel?

The paintings in the Sistine Chapel, which is one of the most popular buildings in the Vatican, are thought to have been done by Michaelangelo. Simply put, the chapel is one of the most visited spots in the whole Vatican. As one of the last buildings you will see on a tour of the Vatican Museums, this building deserves to be called one of the most impressive there. 

As you walk through the Sistine Chapel’s hallways, you may feel like you’re being sucked in by the biblical stories and the great power of the art. The crowds are the only bad thing about this must-see in Rome. How can someone see the Chapel best if they only have a short amount of time? Here are some tried-and-true ways to avoid the long lines at the Sistine Chapel. 

Methods to Skip the line Sistine Chapel and avoid waiting in line include the following:

1. Make plans for a tour that starts early in the morning

Early risers should take a tour first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds and get the most out of the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums. Make sure you reserve a space on a tour for before 8 a.m. to avoid the lines and enter the museum before the general public. This will allow you to visit these landmarks one hour before they open to the public and enjoy a high-quality guided tour given in English.

2. Please reserve your seats in advance

During the peak tourist season, the Vatican Museums may be more congested than any other attraction in Rome. Seeing the roof of the Sistine Chapel through the strained necks of a large crowd of people might be a frustrating experience. Do you really want to squander your vacation standing in line for anything that interests you? 

At peak seasons of the year, wait times in line might exceed two hours, and they may stretch for over a kilometre. Consequently, the key to a satisfying journey is meticulous pre-trip preparation. Those who have pre-purchased tickets online can skip the lines and head right to the main entrances to see the Sistine Chapel in peace and quiet. 

3. Schedule Your Visit Ahead of Time and Avoid the Wait 

We understand that having to wait for an extended period of time might dampen one’s mood and lessen anticipation for what is to come. You may quietly wander the Vatican Museum and take in Michelangelo’s breath-taking murals in the Sistine Chapel. During the busiest seasons of the year, the lines to get into the Museum and the Chapel may feel endless, and you may wind up spending a considerable amount of time waiting. 

If you buy a “skip-the-line” ticket in advance online, you won’t have to wait in any queues to go into any of the attractions. If you get to the chapel a few minutes early, you’ll get in free of line and have more time to explore the beautiful space.

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