Can’t Send Text Messages on Your Android Phone?

Can't Send Text Messages

SMS and MMS slipped behind the advent of omnipotent instant messaging and VoIP services. When it comes to simple text messaging, though, SMS is still extremely reliable. You don’t need an internet connection to use it, therefore it serves its simple purpose rather well. Nonetheless, this slightly out-of-date technology (RCS is on the way) has flaws. Users say that they are unable to send SMS messages on Android for a variety of reasons. To solve can’t send text messages android phone issues, look through the list below.

Why Can’t I Send Texts on my Android

1. Clear the Cache in your Apps and Try Using Airplane mode.

Let’s start with the most typical problems that occur when SMS messages are unable to transmit or receive for various reasons. The first thing you should do is turn your phone off and on again.

The second step entails quickly enabling and canceling Airplane mode.

2. Restore the default SMS settings.

To restore the default SMS settings on Android, follow these steps:

Messages are open.

Select your preferences.

All settings should be reset to factory defaults.

Restart your computer or device.

3. Modify the number for the Mobile Message Center.

After you’ve obtained the phone number, follow these instructions to add it to your SMS settings:

Launch the Messaging app.

Select the 3-line option (or 3-dot menu).

Change the number in the Message Center.

4. Restart your network.

Follow the procedures outlined below to Reset Network Settings on Android:

Open the Settings menu.

System of taps.

Select the Reset options.

Reset Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile.

Confirm your choice.

5. Examine the SIM card as well as the network coverage.

Examine whether the SIM card is firmly in its projected location by opening the SIM card tray. After that, restart your smartphone to see if anything has changed. Ensure that your network coverage is consistent and reliable.

6. Use a different messaging app.

Finally, if none of the above measures were successful, we recommend calling support. We can also recommend using a third-party software because we can’t be positive about the in-app difficulties (nearly every major OEM has its own SMS app).


Can’t Send Text Messages from Android? 4 Fixes to Try

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