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How much does tiling a floor cost?

*Prices are provided for reference purposes only.

It costs between €131 and €215 per square metre, including labour and supplies, to tile a floor. Prices differ based on the size and material of the floor tiles, the amount of areas to be tiled, and your location.

There are several designs, thicknesses, and resistance characteristics available for floor tiles. Tiles made of ceramic, mosaic, and porcelain are examples of non-resilient or hard-surface materials. The cost of the tile will be affected by the type of material used to make it. The selection of floor tiling materials is frequently determined by the demands of the property and the available budget.

It is also important to evaluate the sort of tiles you will use for outdoor spaces, as these tiling sheets are more exposed to water and heat.

Labor Expenses for Tiling

Most tile installers charge between €37 and €65 per square metre. The pricing range will be determined by the scope and difficulty of the project. Below is the average cost per square metre for skilled tilers.

The price rise may result in increased demand for skilled floor tilers in your region. If you submit a task on Agtiling, you can receive up to three bids from nearby contractors.

DIY labour may cut costs for preparation and installation, but for high-quality results, hiring an experienced tiler on the job is advantageous in the long term. Request formal bids to clarify pricing and the scope of the project.

Type-Specific Tile Flooring Cost

One of the things that determine the total cost of a tile flooring job is the type of tile that will be utilised. Obviously, tiles with a more premium appearance and additional functionality will cost more than others. Continue reading to discover more about the many forms of tiling and their prices:


One of the most common varieties of tile is porcelain. Due to its durability, beauty, and stain- and water-resistance, porcelain is favoured by many Dublin households. Prices range from €51 to €111 per square metre for porcelain tiles.


Ceramic is another popular tiling material among Dubliners. They are resistant to scratches, dents, and dents, but are more affordable than porcelain tiles, costing €31 per square metre for indoor tiles on average.

Travertine Tiles

Travertine is a form of natural limestone that has distinctive swirls and movement. Travertine tiles may cost up to €121 per square metre.


Natural stone tiles, such as granite, slate, and marble, are an additional popular option for Dublin residences. Stone tiles range in price from €111 to €311 per square metre.


Glass tiles are most suited for interior applications, such as backsplashes, countertops, and showers. Prepare a budget of around €51 to €111 per square metre for glass tiles.

Cement-Look Tiles

Cement-look or concrete-look tiles offer a contemporary industrial vibe that provides your house a timeless and clean appearance. Tiles resembling cement range in price from €51 to €75 per square metre.

How Much Does Bathroom Floor Tiling Cost?

Including labour costs, the typical total cost for tiling a 3-square-meter bathroom floor with ceramic tiles is between €411 and €811, assuming you choose ceramic tiles.

Including labour, the total cost to tile a larger bathroom measuring 15 square metres would be €1,611.

How much does it cost to tile a kitchen floor?

The overall cost of tiling a 15-square-meter kitchen floor will range from €1,411 to €2,811. The cost of tiling a larger kitchen of 17 square metres will range between €2,111 and €3,911.

How much does it cost to replace a tile floor?

The removal of the old tiles will entail additional labour charges when replacing an existing tile floor. Expect to spend between €211 and €611 in addition to the overall cost of installation.

What determines the price of tiling a floor?

Knowing what factors affect the price of tiling services allows you to build a budget for the entire project. Regardless of whether the project is a renovation or an addition, it is important to examine a few cost-determining aspects.

Site preparation

The amount you will be charged is determined by preparation work such as cleaning and resurfacing. Similarly, removing old tiles increases the total cost.

The cost of removing tile flooring can range between €21 and €51 per square metre, depending on the kind of tile, the state of the site, and a number of other variables. In some instances, a tile must be removed prior to using a concrete grinding machine.


The sort of materials you want to purchase and install impacts the total cost.

For instance, glazed mosaic tiles measuring 61mm x 61mm may cost between €113 and €139 per square metre, including bedding and pointing.

Determine which floor tiles to purchase and compare pricing from various retailers.

Level of arduousness

The difficulty of tiling increases the complexity of the task. This will result in increased labour expenses.

Prior to beginning construction, it is crucial to do a thorough evaluation of the location. This will allow potential tilers to offer more precise cost estimates.

What Should the Cost of Tiles Be?

In big cities, the cost per square metre to install tiles can range from €95 to €141.

Depending on where you reside and the type of floor tiling utilised, the price may rise.

Types, sizes, and prices of tiling installations

  • 61 × 61mm €41 €113 – €129
  • Unglazed 51 x 51mm Mosaic €41 €113 – €139
  • 51 x 51mm Mosaic (Homogeneous) €41 €113 – €139
  • Ceramic, 211 x 211mm €41 €114.51 – €127
  • Quarry (Light Duty) 251 x 251mm €33 €96.81-€119.51
  • 311 x 311mm Quarry (Heavy Duty) €38 €111 – €123
  • 211 x 211 mm Quarry (Unglazed) €51 €115.51 €138
  • 311 x 311mm Terracotta (Natural) €42 €115 – €127
  • 311 x 311mm Terracotta (Tactile) €48 €113.51 – €136
  • 211 × 211mm €51 €115.51 – €138

Allowance for the selection of tiles. Depending on individual or project requirements, this may vary.

How much upkeep is necessary for floor tiles?

Hard flooring are easier and less expensive to maintain. Regular vacuuming and sweeping can assist prevent early aesthetic and durability degradation.

Resurfacing tiles may also give your floor tiles a fresh appearance. If you engage a skilled tiler, he or she will be able to provide you with precise estimates that will assist you in budgeting.

In addition, grout cleaning should also be considered. This restores the original look of your floor tiles and maintains their integrity.

Ensure that any sort of tile you install is carefully maintained by a respected local tiler.

Agtiling can assist you in locating local contractors for your upcoming floor tiling project.

Get Estimates From Floor Tiling Professionals

Tiling your floors takes the skills of an expert in floor tiling. Agtiling can simplify the scouting and recruiting process by allowing you to advertise the position on our app or on the Agtiling website.

As soon as you register and upload the specifics of your tiling job on Agtiling, our system will notify local tiling professionals so that they may make bids for your work. You will receive up to three free estimates to help you get started and save money.

Frequent Requested Information

How may the cost of tiling be decreased?

Choose a tile with a lower cost, such as ceramic tiling. Concentrate the tiling on a smaller floor or wall area to reduce the size. Eliminate expenses by omitting superfluous features, such as a tiled kitchen island or bathroom vanity area.

What is the difference between laminate flooring, wood flooring, and floor tiles?

Ceramic tiles and laminate flooring are comparable in price. However, it has been demonstrated that floor tiles are more durable than laminate due to their moisture resistance. Water that penetrates laminate flooring can result in discolouration, warping, and lasting damage. The drawback of tile flooring, however, is that it is more prone to chipping and breaking under severe strain. Timber or hardwood flooring is another popular option due to its traditional and warm look, however, like laminate, it is neither water or moisture proof. Compared to laminate flooring or floor tiles, water damage to wooden floors can accelerate their deterioration.

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