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Telegram is a messaging app with over 200 million users, and I don’t think I’m being paranoid when I say that it’s probably the most secure. The company encrypts all messages so they can’t be read by anyone except the sender and receiver. However, there are ways to make your Telegram account even more secure—and those same techniques will help you keep your other accounts safe too!

If someone has your phone number, can they see all your messages?

While some people assume that if someone has your phone number, they can see all of your messages—this isn’t the case. The first way someone can see your telegram messages is if they are a contact. If you have added them to your phone as a contact and they have not blocked you from seeing their messages, then yes, you will be able to see their telegram posts in the same way that you would be able to see any other post on Facebook or Twitter from another person who has blocked them in real life.

However, if someone does not have access to your device (or at least feels very strongly about protecting their privacy) then they can’t read any of the messages posted by others on groups or private chats where only select members are allowed access to these conversations unless those members agree upon including each other into such conversations at some point during time spent together in real life over coffee or lunch breaks during work hours before heading back home again after working late nights meeting deadlines under tight deadlines which inevitably leads us right back around again tomorrow morning when we go out again tonight! It’s true: there may be no limit when it comes to our dreams – but there comes also limits set by ourselves too!

This is not true

Telegram(中文Telegram) is an encrypted messaging app. This means that when you send a message, it will be scrambled and unreadable to anyone who intercepts it. It also has a feature called Secret Chats that allows users to set a timer on their messages, ensuring they self-destruct after the time runs out.

However, Telegram is not the most secure messaging app around. Many other services offer greater protection against snooping — including iMessage and Signal (both of which can be used on iPhones). And while you may have heard about Telegram being used by ISIS and al-Qaeda members for planning terrorist attacks or sharing videos of beheadings, keep in mind that these groups have also been known to use WhatsApp — another popular messaging service owned by Facebook (which is known for having lax security standards).

So if you’re looking for a way to communicate with others without them knowing who you are or what your real name is; if you want an easy way to share sensitive information without worrying about someone tracing back your identity; if all this sounds appealing but none of these options seem right… then maybe there’s another solution waiting at hand!

If you don’t want to, others won’t see your message

But Telegram isn’t just a chat tool. You can also use it to post publicly in groups. The good news is that while anyone can view your posts, they cannot add you to their contacts unless you have added the first—and that includes reading their messages or sending them any. Unless you manually add someone as a contact, they have no more access to your messages than an email spammer.

The application checks which contacts also use telegrams

Whenever you use Telegram, the app checks which of your contacts also use Telegram. If a contact doesn’t have an account, their phone number will be added to your “WhatsApp” list. This allows you to send them messages via WhatsApp if they don’t sign up for a Telegram account immediately.

At this point, you may wonder how anyone can post anonymously on public Telegram groups at all? It’s not that difficult: for another user who isn’t one of your contacts to message you through Telegram, they must exchange encryption keys through another messaging app such as Signal or Whatsapp before sending any messages via telegram’s servers. In theory, this means that if someone wants to message an admin (a person with administrative privileges over a group) then it should be possible for them too! That’s exactly what we did – we used Signal so we could send our post from an anonymous user account without actually knowing each other beforehand!

The only way a stranger could read your messages is if they were using another phone and logged into your account

The only way a stranger could read your messages is if they were using another phone and logged into your account. This means that anyone who has physical access to your device can gain access to the app and see what you’re writing, no matter how well-encrypted it is.

There are many ways to protect yourself

There are multiple ways to protect yourself when using Telegram(中文电报) and other messaging apps.

This article is a basic guide for anyone who wants to learn how to use the public group channel feature on their phone, desktop, or tablet. If you’re just getting started with Telegram, it can be easy to get confused by all of its features and options.

There are many ways to get started with Telegram and other messaging apps

Use a strong password that contains both numbers and letters for your account security settings. You should change this password periodically so hackers can’t crack it easily!

Use two-factor authentication whenever possible! This means that if someone tries logging into your account from another IP address than usual (such as if it’s an unknown computer), then they won’t have access unless they have something else such as an OTP code sent over SMS text message before logging in successfully again after changing their email addresses/phone number while staying logged into their original profile page online.

Don’t waste time worrying about how safe the telegram is

Hang on a second. Sure, it might be fun to post anonymous messages in public groups, but you’re going to want to make sure that your phone is as secure as possible before using Telegram.

You’ll probably want to set limits on the less secure apps on your phone. Every time you open an app that isn’t as secure, or one with fewer security features than Telegram, is another chance for someone else access your private information and perform malicious activities.

It also helps if you have a password on your device; this makes it harder for others to gain access by guessing or stealing the code through social engineering tactics like phishing scams or remote access software (RAT).


Remember that Telegram is just one of many communication apps out there. If you’re worried about someone seeing your messages, use the settings available on your phone (or even just turn off notifications) and make sure that your device is secure by using a strong passcode or fingerprint unlock.

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