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A Guide to Domain Authority – Practical Ways to Boost Your DA Score

Domain Authority

Are you looking for some valuable information about domain authority? Or have you just opened this article to kill your time? In both cases, you are not going to regret reading the article. Besides getting rid of boredom, it will also enlighten you about domain authority, why it matters, and how you can boost the DA of your website.

Let’s start with the fundamental question!

What is Domain Authority?

DA (Domain Authority) is a ranking score that predicts the chances of a website to rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Moz developed this ranking score to assist website owners in knowing where their websites fall in the competition. This score ranges from 1 to 100, where a higher score represents a better chance of ranking in SERPs. For example, if you check the DA of the world’s most trusted and visited websites, their DA will be above 90.

Coming to the next question!

Why does Domain Authority Matter?

Everyone new to the SEO field could have this question in mind. If it is only a ranking score that only predicts the chances of getting ranked, then why does it matter. Here is the answer;

  • Websites with higher domain authority always attract advertisers
  • Higher domain authority means you will get more sponsored posts
  • The visitors will trust your website
  • You can get an increase in sales when your website has a higher domain authority

Whether you are a blogging website owner running an e-commerce store, you will want to enhance DA after knowing the benefits. But, improving DA isn’t an easy task for everyone. But don’t get upset. The next portion of this article will teach you how to enhance DA in the least time possible.

Tips to Boost Domain Authority

Many white hat and black hat tricks can increase your website’s DA. White hat tricks take some time to improve DA, but black hat ways can grow it in weeks, but there are always some serious risks associated with them that can permanently ban your website on search engines. Usually, no one wants to risk knowing that it could be deadly for their websites. So, they only prefer ethical tips.

Below are the tips that can help your website get better DA.

Get Backlinks

Getting high quality and a considerable number of backlinks can help your website in many ways. It gives referral and organic traffic to your website, builds trust, ranks your website higher, and boosts the domain authority.

Multiple websites offer the opportunity to other websites to get backlinks using their websites. It is better to find those websites, contact them and convince them to create a backlink. However, you must remember that those websites must also have considerable domain authority. Therefore, you should use a reliable bulk DA PA checker to check DA PA that provides accurate results. It can help you know whether the backlink of that particular website will provide you with any benefits or not. So, it can ultimately save your time and money.

Generate Link Worthy Content

Besides relying on other websites to give you a backlink, you can also force them to link to your website. For that purpose, you have to develop high-quality and informative content that everyone is looking for. Your content should push the web admins to link to your blog or article to educate its audience. It could help you save money and build domain authority without paying even a single penny.

If your content is link-worthy and shareable, you will get many benefits as it will drive traffic, build trust, and enhance domain authority which could ultimately help your website rank higher than its competitors. 

Remove Bad Links

Another way to improve your website’s domain authority (DA) is to remove any low-quality or spammy links pointing to your site. To find out the bad links, you have to do a complete audit of your website and remove the links you got from the spammy websites as they offer more harm than favour. At worst, it could penalize your website from Google. Therefore, don’t ever rely on bad links.

Generate More Backlinks than Your Competitors

Besides the quality of the backlinks, the quantity also matters a lot. You should get more backlinks from websites with high domain authority. To know where your website stands in the competition, you must analyze your competitors’ websites.

It is preferred to check the DA PA of your competitors’ websites with a domain authority checker and check the numbers of backlinks with a free backlink checker. Google backlink checker will help you know about the number of backlinks, referring domains, IPs, and URLs. Together, all of these things will make you aware of the competition and how much work is required to build your domain authority.

Concluding Lines

Increasing domain authority is essential for your website’s success. However, it takes a bit of time and effort. Although there are some easy ways to increase DA, you should only prefer using the white hat tricks that Google recommends. All of the tips mentioned in this article are the best ways to enhance DA without increasing the spam score of your website.

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