8 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Living Room This Summer

Upgrade Your Living

Nothing can be better than freshening up your home space in the summer, and updating a living room is a must since most of us spend lots of time there. The following ideas for easy living room updates can dramatically change the look of your space and bring in a new vibe.

Rearrange the furniture

If you don’t know how to change up your room, start with a basic furniture arrangement. Try to re-envision the space and create an entirely new environment with your existing furniture.

You also need to define a focal point of the room. It can be your favorite sofa, for example. By the way, if it requires an update to look stylish, you don’t have to spend much money on a new one. You can go with a sofa slipcover and choose the one that highlights your living room in the best way possible.

It’s up to you whether to choose between bold colors or select neutral tones. Other pieces of furniture can be placed closer to the focal point. You can also try putting the sofa in front of a TV or other centrally located interior object. Don’t forget to select the finest location for your coffee table and other art pieces.

Add energy with low-maintenance plants

Have you heard about biophilic design when searching for living room upgrade ideas? The number of devotees of this style grows yearly as more and more people want to feel like a part of nature even while at home.

Nothing beats the challenge of a living room update better than houseplants. They instantly add energy and freshness to the room. So, if you are looking for ways to upgrade your living room to start feeling as comfortable and cheerful as possible — bring greenery into your life!

Organize the mess of wires

Upgrading a room means not only swapping furniture or adding some plants but also getting rid of the unsightly mess. Wires are those things in the living room we need in our lives, but which can quickly become tangled, dirty, and even cause an injury.

When considering how to modernize your living room in this aspect, opt for smart devices and gadgets with wireless chargers or organizers to house all of your wires.

Fill a blank wall with artwork

Updating your living room with artwork is a good way to refresh interior design. It’s one of the incredible options to improve your space and express your taste and personality.

Empty walls don’t always look pretty or stylish, but if you add such accents, they will grab the attention of everyone who enters the room.

Pictures don’t have to be the only things in the living room you can use to update your space. You can add stylish mirrors, floating shelves, unique planters, etc.

Swap in tiny art pieces

You probably have many mismatched pieces, so it’s time to inspect them, get rid of those that don’t fit in, and swap in the new ones. You can add art pieces with fresh patterns and interesting designs.

Or maybe it’s time to get rid of old pillows simply. Love your old throws and can’t even think of throwing them away? No problem! Get yourself a few slipcovers, and your pillows will start looking brand new again.  

Hang fresh curtains

The list of room upgrade ideas would be incomplete without the curtain designs. This element can change the space’s size and complement the overall ambiance in the living room. New curtains will help you, on the one hand, control the level of the incoming light and, on the other, highlight or shade particular decor items. 

So when choosing new things for a living room, check out some curtain designs. If you select completely different ones — from what you have at the moment — all the colors in the room will play in a new way.

Go secondhand

Are you looking for exceptionally affordable but incredibly stylish ideas for living room upgrades? The easiest way to modernize a room on a budget would be going secondhand!

In addition to being extremely affordable, giving a second life to various things is also eco-friendly. When choosing items that speak to you, you’ll bring personality into your living space. We also recommend you concentrate on shapes you may need rather than the color palette alone.

Or give your old upholstery a new life

Do not rush to immediately throw away the old armchair or office chair if they have lost their beautiful appearance. You can easily upgrade all your upholstery with Mamma mia covers and make the furniture look like it just came out of the store!

In addition, if you decide to repaint the walls in a different color, you need to bring in a different slipcover for your upholstery instead of buying new furniture.

So, follow these easy steps, and you’ll succeed in upgrading your living area and won’t spend a fortune on interior design.

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