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7 Positive Effects of Embedding Facebook reviews On Website

Nowadays people have been constantly using online sources to gather information about products. Reviews play an important role in their research, as 90% of users look for positive reviews on a product before investing in a brand. 

Regardless of the industry, any brand that holds a good social presence and positive customer reviews will always have a plus point over other brands in the market. As much as positive reviews help in purchase decisions, negative reviews also play a significant role in convincing customers to not make favorable decisions. 

Facebook is a big part of brand positioning and social proof. Users also leave reviews on Facebook making it an important part of users’ purchase decisions. Embedding facebook reviews to your website would provide your website with enhanced conversion rates and reliability. 

Create a positive online footprint using customer reviews to enhance user experience. 

Here are 7 advantages of Embedding Facebook reviews on the website. 

Improve conversion with social proof 

People believe in trends and buy what is getting popular at the moment. Facebook reviews are one of the biggest sources of social proof and have a major impact on a brand’s sales. Any website which consists of reviews embedded in its web pages has a higher chance of becoming successful as compared to websites that do not have reviews. Facebook reviews also have an impact on developing trust in potential customers. 

Make yourself visible with Facebook Reviews

Most people choose Google, Bing, and of course Facebook to look for authenticity via reviews before making a purchase decision. All these websites have their own way of portraying review that has old value in the purchasers’ eye and is authentic. When the users see these reviews on your website, it helps them understand your brand value and build trust with your social presence. This eventually leads to a higher rank which helps with more exposure and gains visibility. 

Build trust with Facebook Reviews 

Any brand builds trust with its customers with consistent and positive reviews. Apart from this reviews also help the brand with its online presence. Most of the eCommerce websites provide product-wise rating right beside or below their product name which provides an instant sense of trust and reliability leading up to increased conversion rates. Products with a higher rating are more likely to attract and convert traffic. Having a positive online footprint drives more sales and attracts potential customers. 

Reviews create conversations about the brand 

The more reviews you get, the better the rank your brand will get. Leading up to more online visibility and driving more traffic to your website. Encourage your customers for more reviews to expand your brands’ reach. Google considers a lot of sources before ranking the brands, getting reviews on any other third party website would affect your ranking. Positive reviews encourage other customers to rate your product, however having an attractive and consistent email and follow up campaign also helps in getting more reviews. When reviews are uploaded on facebook they drive more traffic to your website and if people visit your website they will be able to see facebook reviews which only reduces the customer effort and improve conversion rates. 

Reviews influence decision making

Increasing your brand visibility makes a lot of impact on the brand’s success, this basically means encouraging and giving people a reason to talk about your brand. Social media is the best tool to make this happen. Social media platforms like Facebook play an essential role in helping customers make a decision and customers trust facebook to this extent. Users visit Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. before asking their family and friends for purchase advice. By embedding a consistent positive stream of reviews from Facebook your brand can not only enhance its online presence but attain consistent and loyal customers. 

Facebook Reviews impact brand sales 

Reviews impact your bottom line. Brands that have better sales are constantly improving not just their reviews but their ratings as well. Getting positive reviews and mebedding them in your website will surely help the brand in its success. However, displaying negative reviews also makes an impact on brand trust and authenticity. Negative reviews also show where the brand is lacking and what they need to improve to make a positive impact on its sales. Even a small improvement can have a huge impact on brand sales. 

Reviews provide the brand with an open line of communication 

Apart from enhanced trust and conversion rates, Facebook reviews also create a line of communication between the brand and customers. Facebook reviews also help you become frank with your customers and encourage more people to leave a review. This also gives an instant way to rectify if there is an issue and tell your customers that you care. By constantly replying to reviews and keeping a track of improving the issue on any negative review significantly improves the rate of getting reviews. 


The way you market your brand and use a social media platform to increase sales says a lot about how much you value your brand and its customers. Developing trust and maintaining a relationship with your customers is not an easy task. Brands require a lot of time and effort into attracting positive reviews and keep track of them. However, if you have achieved the same, you are likely to see positive results

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