5 Things to Know Before Creating your Blog


Do you wish to learn how to create your own blog in South Africa or elsewhere for that matter? If yes, then this article is for you. A lot of people have been turning to Best Hindi Blogs as a way of generating passive income. Having your own website offers the prospect of early, comfortable retirement. But before you can get there, there are a number of things that you are going to need to learn. Creating your own website can be both rewarding and stressful. This article is intended to reduce the pain for beginners.

You need to understand that blogging is a long-term project

The first thing to understand is that 95% of all blogs out there have been abandoned. That’s a scary figure, right? But why do so many people give up? A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they can create a site today and tomorrow they will start earning thousands of dollars per day.

That’s not usually what happens. In reality, it can take years for your project to start bearing fruit. So, you need to have a long-term outlook. If you go in thinking you are going to get a miracle, you will be setting yourself up for disappointment.

It’s the major reason why people end up abandoning their projects. A lot of them soon realize that they are not going to become rich within a few months, and they turn to something else.

Choose an area of focus that interests you

This is another thing about blogging that’s important for beginners to find out. What are you going to talk about on your website? If you are a business, then the choice is simple. However, when starting a blog as an individual, it can be difficult to choose an area to focus on.

What you need to know is that though there is seemingly an endless number of subjects that you can focus on, it’s better to zoom in on a narrower subject. As an example, you can talk about technology in general. There is nothing wrong with that.

But you will be better off narrowing down to a particular spot. You could zoom in on laptops, as an example. You could also choose to talk about e-readers or any other subject. By being focused, you give yourself the chance to build a community around that subject.

That’s important for retaining long-term interest in your website. If you get a lot of people following you, either on the site or on social media, it becomes easier for you to sell yourself as new content comes up. It also becomes easier for you to become an expert on that particular subject, which is something that both your readers and search engines will love.

Moreover, that area of focus needs to be of interest to you. This is not a hard-set rule; you can write about almost anything as long as you can maintain momentum, but life gets a lot easier if you are talking about a subject that’s of interest to you.

Choose a web host that offers 24-hour support

There are a lot of web hosts in South Africa and elsewhere around the world. However, one thing that we have noted about South African web hosts is that they can be lacking. It’s probably the reason why a lot of websites in the country are hosted in Europe and in the US.

What you need to do is to choose a web host that offers 24-hour support. We can never overemphasize this point. A lot of people ask; what should we consider the most important factor when choosing a host for our site?

The answer is, that though speed is important, the most important consideration is support. It’s almost inevitable that your site will run into issues at one point or the other. There is no avoiding that. When that happens, your web host needs to be there to help you sort the issue out.

If you pick a host that’s not there when you need them, it can make for a particularly stressful experience. Indeed, before you make your web hosting choice, you need to read reviews about the company that you are interested in.

Of course, a lot of people use price as their main consideration when choosing a web host. That’s okay, as long as you follow the tenet that we have just outlined; make sure that you get 24/hour support. In fact, it doesn’t mean an affordable web host is not good. In most instances, the cheapest web hosting in South Africa is also the best.

Spend some time learning about SEO

Search Engine Optimization is important as far as getting your website noticed by search engines is concerned. So, you need to take some time to learn more about it before getting started. Go to YouTube and carry out a search for relevant videos.

There are plenty there. They will give you a background that ensures you are not just producing content that has no chance of reaching your target audience. Some of the things that you will learn are link building, on-page SEO and keyword research.

Keep writing

Those are some of the things that you need to know to make your website successful. With this knowledge, you now have a fighting chance of producing something that people will actually read. Now we come to the most important element; you need to keep writing if you are to have any measure of success. Don’t give up after a few months or after a year.

What you need to know is that the more you write, the more likely it is that you are going to make it. Don’t overcomplicate things by writing overly long content. In fact, it’s advisable to start with shorter articles of between 300 and 500 words. Produce a lot of these around your subject matter and then move to longer articles.

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