Kids are a vibrant force of nature and being with them will remind you of your own childhood days and the fun you had! Their inquisitive minds are always working, and the questions keep coming even when you are tired. However, the kids can get bored very easily and you have to find something new to keep them entertained. That is why parents choose vacation spots with more to offer their kids so they don’t stay sullen on a joyful getaway. Coimbatore is one such city in India.

Coimbatore has several tourist attractions and entertainment zones that are sure to grab the attention of your tiny tots. From mesmerizing parks for picnics to museums that are banks of knowledge, kids have so much to explore! 

When you come to Coimbatore, you will also find Treebo Coimbatore Hotels in all the prime locations of the city. The commuting time is reduced significantly and your little ones have more time to enjoy and make memories.

Here are the 10 best places in Coimbatore where you can spend quality time with your children 

1 – TNAU Botanical Gardens

The TNAU Botanical Gardens is all about towering trees, floral beds, and exotic plants from worldwide. The myriad of variants will certainly ignite a sense of love for botany in your children. They can move around, jump and hop while learning something new about the greenery in the park. The place also conducts interactive workshops and displays where they engage with kids and try to teach them a thing or two about the biodiversity of Tamil Nadu. It won’t be wrong to call this place a playground of knowledge for curious minds. 

2- GeeDee Car Museum

GeeDee Car Museum is a paradise for kids who love automobiles and want to set out on a journey in their favorite cars and bikes. The collection includes vintage models and modern Bentleys too! They can see the shiny metals, marvel at their design, and probably make up their mind to create such innovations in the future. The well-preserved cars will tell you a story about the technological advancements and the influence of society on their designs and layouts. You can also witness the luxurious interiors and see how people in the bygone era liked to travel in style! 

3- Black Thunder Amusement Park

Black Thunder Amusement Park is a world of its own! Fetch your children some Nylon clothes or swimsuits and enter this universe of adventure and joy! If you don’t have appropriate clothing, no worries, you can buy them from the park. The theme park has about 40 different rides that include multi-lane slides, children’s slides, a Kids’ play area, a mini pool, a wave pool, and lazy lakes. There is a separate section that offers land-based video games and entertainment. Kids can also munch on street food from the food outlets and pick souvenirs from the shopping arcades. 

4- Gass Forest Museum

The Gass Forest Museum is housed in the Forest College campus of Coimbatore. It is a beautiful place that displays stuffed animals that look like they still have life in them. As children step into the museum, they are greeted by interactive exhibits, engaging displays, and hands-on activities that spark their curiosity and ignite their imagination. The museum provides a comprehensive understanding of forests, their biodiversity, and the importance of conservation. Kids can embark on a journey of discovery, learning about different types of trees, plants, and animals that thrive in forest environments. They can observe realistic dioramas, listen to the sounds of nature, and even touch various textures to truly experience the forest habitat.

5- Brookfield Mall

Brookfield Mall is designed to entertain both adults and young mischief makers. While you go window shopping, the kids can have a gala time at the entertainment zones and play areas. It is located in the prime location of the city and is very crowded with families during the weekends. The mall boasts a dedicated kids’ zone, featuring a variety of indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, and inflatable play areas. Children can unleash their energy, climb, slide, and engage in playful activities in a safe and supervised environment. The colorful and imaginative setups provide endless opportunities for laughter and adventure

6- Ramayana Theme Park

You must have told your children about Ramayana and how Lord Ram ended the evil terror of Raavana. You teach them that good always prevails over evil. The same setup comes to life in the Ramayana Theme Park. As soon as your kids enter the place, they can see elaborate sets and sculptures that give them a glimpse of the important events in the epic Ramayana. They will definitely enjoy being a part of the saga and seeing things for real! 

7- Kovai Kondattam Amusement Park

Kovai Kondattam amusement park brings you electrifying water activities and adventurous rides in the comfort of the natural ecosystem. In other words, your kids can enjoy and have a joyful amidst nature and breath some fresh air, away from the often polluted metropolitans. The amusement park is about 8.5 km away from the heart of Coimbatore city. You can find several slides, a wave pool, kids pool, an aqua dance, dancing cars, along with other dry rides here. It remains open till 5.30 pm on weekdays and 6 pm on weekends. 

8 – Anaimalai Tiger Reserve

Also called the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, this 958 sq. km land is home to exotic flora and fauna in the western ghats of Tamil Nadu state. You can explore the rocky terrains, cascading waterfalls, grasslands, and rivers within this sanctuary. Kids will love going on a jungle safari to spot the wildlife in their natural home, go to viewpoints and also indulge in bird watching. The Tiger Reserve has the Bengal tiger, Indian elephant, Indian leopard, gaur (Indian bison), sloth bear, wild boar, sambar deer, and many species of birds, reptiles, and butterflies. It also houses several endemic and endangered species.

9 – Adiyogi Shiva Statue

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue is one of the biggest and longest statues of Mahadev in our country. Surrounded by the rolling hills, and impressive greenery, the place feels like a safe abode. It is marvelous with its calm and pristine environment. You can engage in a meditation session with your children, introduce them to the yogic life, and click nice pictures with the glistening black statue. 

10 – Marudhamalai Hill Temple

The Marudhamalai Temple is located on a hilltop and your children will love going up to the main Raja Gopuram! The temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan, also called Lord Subramaniyam. He is seen with ten heads in this temple. Also, you have small temples dedicated to lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Durga. You can seek the blessings of the Almighty and also enjoy the panoramic views that the temple provides. 

Coimbatore is a very homely city and welcomes tourists with open arms. The food is delicious and the local markets have several souvenirs you can carry back home. The kids will love the atmosphere of the place. When you plan on coming to Coimbatore, book your accommodations at Treebo Coimbatore Hotels to enjoy benefits like – 

  • Spacious rooms to accommodate both you and your children
  • Complimentary Breakfast for the entire family
  • Access to Free WiFi and high-end security
  • Hygienic rooms with fresh linen, washed towels, and Treebo Toiletries
  • Accessible locations that are close to tourist attractions as well as transportation points. 

Now that you know where to go and what to do with your kids, list down the itinerary and pack your bags and come to visit Coimbatore soon! 

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