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Bficoin: The King of Utility Coins?

Innovation Factory stepped into the Crypto world by launching its very own Cryptocurrency “BFIC”. It’s a decentralized coin based on very new 3rd generation blockchain technology. Bficoin was launched as a BFIC token at the beginning of 2021. It began to use BFIC as a coin after the successful establishment of its own blockchain.

Any digital currency must have enough utility projects to encourage demand and use in order to support a complete digital financial economy. In this article, we’ll take a look at the BFIC ecosystem and its utilities.

In the Crypto world, the environment formed around a currency has a direct impact on the coin’s value.The more substantial and diverse the projects are, the higher the Cryptocoin’s price will rise. Read More how to receive crypto payments.

BFIC’s Ecosystem

It has a huge ecosystem that is composed of 20 megaprojects, and the number is still growing as many new projects are ready to be listed on its roadmap. According to the roadmap of the Innovation Factory’s development team. each project from the ecosystem will be launched every month.

It’s only the beginning, as the voyage has only just begun. Given the coin’s and company’s rapid growth, it is safe to assume that the Bfic ecosystem will experience significant growth and expansion over the next two years.


Because a coin with a high price but no utility is weak. BFIC is supported by an ever-expanding utility-based eco-system to ensure its global acceptability and usage.

Innovation Factory, the company that invented BFIC, has created an eco-system that comprises various useful projects that boost BFIC’s utility.

Utility-Based Projects

Now let’s have a look at the top leading projects launched by the company:

Live Projects

1.    BFIC Network

Innovation Factory has created an evolutionary platform. This project was started concurrently with BFIC’s trade. Through the process of staking, you can mine real cryptocurrency. The BFIC network is a system in which a large number of users work together to earn legitimate Crypto-income for their mutual benefit. This network runs on a third-generation blockchain of its own. As a result, it is the quickest and safest stake mining network in the world.

2.    XchangeOn

It’s a booming cryptocurrency exchange powered by Innovation Factory. XchangeOn was created with cutting-edge features and incentives in mind to enhance the Crypto trading experience. make it easy for Crypto traders. This is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that facilitates secure and trustworthy cryptocurrency trading.

3.    1st Investment

Holders of BFICs can use this platform to create their own customized investment plans. It allows the user to invest in BFICs while receiving generous returns that may be withdrawn at any time.

4.    Love Wallet

Love wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to both store and send your Cryptocurrency. You can get coins from others and buy crypto in this one as well.

Using Love wallet will bring all of your love together in one location. You may now store all of your favorite cryptocurrencies and NFTs in a single wallet. This wallet offers the most advanced features on the market to make your Crypto experience more secure.

Underway Projects

1.    Crypto Cash

The ecosystem of BFIC is about to launch a project that will make BFIC the world’s first coin to be used as money and as a global currency. It will be a super-solution to provide you with instant liquidity against your crypto assets!

  • BFIC Credit Cards
  • BFIC Debit Cards
  • Cash Liquidity

2.    BFIC Store

The world’s first dedicated crypto-commerce platform created by the Innovation factory allows its users to buy through a wide range of international brands using cryptocurrency.

3.    Bulleto

Bulleto is a smart contract that will serve as a platform for BFICoins to generate multi-level income. The project was previously released for the BFIC token, and due to its enormous success, Innovation Factory is relaunching Bulleto for BFICoins as well.

4.    BBond

This platform acts as a Crypto saving as well as a Crypto multiplier platform. BBonds are the world’s first Cryptocurrency-based bonds. Its users can buy Crypto bonds by using Bficoins and get a chance to win great BFIC prizes.

Future Projects

1.    Virtual Meet

A video conference platform powered by BFIC. Virtual Meet is designed for Crypto investors and network marketers to conduct their meetups and live webinars virtually.

2.    Insured Trading

Insured Trading is one such project that is directly needed in the industry. It enables users to insure their trades. Users can collect a percentage of their losses through the insurance platform in the event of a loss. Only BFICoins will be used to purchase the insurance products.

3.    Time 2 travel

It allows you to fly across the globe with ease by paying BFIC through your digital wallets.

4.    XchangeOn Dex

This is a highly advanced trading platform used for NFT and spot trading.

5.    Trump Card

A unique new platform that provides Crypto traders with powerful trading solutions to improve their trading experience.

6.    BlockHub IT

BlockHub IT is a blockchain development company that specializes in blockchain and finance smart contract development.

7.    Snake & Ladder

Snake & Ladder is a traditional game with a worldwide following. BFIC is powering an NFT Snake & Ladder game, which will provide an engaging gaming experience with the chance to win large in Crypto money.

8.    Idol Blocks

IdolBlocks is a Crypto gaming platform where users may use their BFIC coins to participate in competitive gaming and casino games.

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